Deadpool: new image, the movie is "hard R"

Simon Brew News Jul 3, 2015

Let there be no doubt that Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, will be getting an R-rating...

Channing Tatum on Gambit and X-Men: Apocalypse

Simon Brew News Jun 18, 2015

Plus, Channing Tatum answers the big question: what was Jupiter Ascending all about?

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Rogue Cut: first teaser

Simon Brew Trailer Jun 17, 2015

There's not much to it at all, but here's a quick teaser for the X-Men: Days Of Future Past Rogue Cut...

X-Men - which series might they adapt for TV?

James Hunt Feature Jun 17, 2015

With Fox planning to bring X-Men to the small screen, we look at a few possible comic series that could be adapted...

X-Men spin-off Gambit has its director

Gambit - crowded out by Wolverine in the original X-Men but soon to make his own splash in movies
Simon Brew News Jun 16, 2015

Rupert Wyatt is set to direct Channing Tatum in the upcoming Gambit movie...

Hugh Jackman definitely quitting Wolverine role

Simon Brew News Jun 8, 2015

2017's The Wolverine 3 will be Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine film, he's reiterated. "I'm sure they've already started casting", he adds.

What can Fox learn from the previous X-Men TV series?

James Hunt Feature Jun 8, 2015

James looks back at 7 previous X-Men TV shows to see what Fox's in-development series could do well to emulate and avoid...

20 excellent scientists in mainstream film and TV

Louise Walker Feature May 28, 2015

More than just brainy plot devices, here's our list of 20 of the best on-screen scientists...

James Murdoch: Fox needs more than comic book movies

Simon Brew News May 19, 2015

Fox needs to "sort of mine" the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes too, says its co-COO James Murdoch...

X-Men: new spin-off, The New Mutants, confirmed

The X-men logo
Simon Brew News May 14, 2015

Josh Boone, who helmed The Fault In Our Stars, is to direct a brand new X-Men spin-off movie...