Alien: Covenant - "There is no comic relief at all" says Danny McBride

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 13, 2016

Danny McBride may be best known for his comedy roles, but don't expect too many laughs in Alien: Covenant, he says...

Alien: Covenant - Danny McBride on his role and practical FX

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 7, 2016

Actor Danny McBride talks about his role in Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant and its practical effects

Aliens, Terminator 2: how James Cameron crafts his sequels

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 6, 2016

With Aliens and Terminator 2 celebrating their 25th and 30th anniversaries this month, we look at how James Cameron crafts perfect sequels.

Alien: Covenant - does a clapperboard provide an alien design clue?

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 21, 2016

The clapperboard used on the set of Alien: Covenant could - just could - provide a hint of what its monsters will look like...

Alien: Covenant - Noomi Rapace to return after all

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 21, 2016

Prometheus heroine Noomi Rapace wasn't initially thought to be in Alien: Covenant. But now it seems she's back after all...

Aliens: the brilliance of Lance Henriksen’s Bishop

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jun 21, 2016

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Aliens, we look at one of its very best performances - Lance Henriksen’s gentle android, Bishop...

Alien: Covenant - "scarier than Prometheus" says Michael Fassbender

Den Of Geek News
Jul 26, 2016

Series star Michael Fassbender says Alien: Covenant will be "much scarier" than its predecessor, Prometheus...

Alien: how its physical acting makes a horror classic

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 24, 2016

Even shorn of its sound, Alien remains a masterpiece of tension thanks to the power of its physical performances, Ryan writes...

The 30 greatest film scores of Jerry Goldsmith

Sean Wilson Feature
May 25, 2016

From The Mummy and Gremlins to Star Trek and Total Recall, we salute the work of the late, great Jerry Goldsmith...

Secrets from the BBFC examiners' archives

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 10, 2016

Why was Alien given an 18? How much screaming is too much in a Doctor Who movie? We take a look back through the BBFC's archives.