Justice League

Justice League movie: first look at Cyborg and The Flash

Simon Brew News
Jan 20, 2016

Warner Bros releases concept art for Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman. You can see it all here...

DC Comics: upcoming UK movie release dates calendar

Rob Leane Odd List
Jan 26, 2016

Starting with Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, here’s everything you can expect from the DC movie universe up until 2020…

Aquaman: Amber Heard in talks for key role

Simon Brew News
Jan 14, 2016

Amber Heard is set to join Justice League and Aquaman, in the role of Mera...

Justice League movie: "maybe there's a bigger enemy to fight"

Simon Brew News
Jan 6, 2016

Zack Snyder teases a bigger battle ahead for Batman and Superman, in the upcoming Justice League films...

Justice League: Part One & Wonder Woman shooting details

David Crow News
Nov 16, 2015

Both Justice League: Part One and Wonder Woman are set to film in the UK - and the Justice League films won't be shot back to back.

Justice League Dark movie reportedly set to shoot in 2016

Ryan Lambie News
Oct 9, 2015

The Justice League Dark movie's set to begin shooting in 2016 under producer Scott Rudin, a new report suggests...

George Miller on the current status of his DC movie talks

Brendon Connelly News
Oct 2, 2015

George Miller has been linked with doing a DC comic book movie - and so we asked him what was happening...

Report: Ben Affleck to star in 3 stand-alone Batman movies

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 7, 2015

A private screening of Batman V Superman was reportedly such a success, Warner is now planning three Batman films starring Ben Affleck...

Wonder Woman and Justice League shooting dates revealed

Simon Brew News
Jul 31, 2015

Gal Gadot will be arriving in London to shoot the Wonder Woman movie later this year...

Why I love inaccurate superhero movies

Wil Jones Feature
Jul 23, 2015

Before superhero movies became big business, they were a lot more fun, Wil argues...