Wonder Woman

The Justice League: what to expect from the movies

Rob Leane Feature
Feb 9, 2016

Here’s our primer on everything you need to know about DC Entertainment’s upcoming Justice League movies…

Batman V Superman: new images from the movie land

Simon Brew Pictures
Jan 29, 2016

Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and more in the new pictures from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice...

Batman V Superman: Wonder Woman will be very, very old

Simon Brew News
Jan 27, 2016

Gal Gadot has been chatting about Wonder Woman, with more details of how we find her in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Batman V Superman: Zack Snyder on its big villain

Simon Brew News
Jan 26, 2016

Zack Snyder on the foe Batman and Superman will do battle with in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Justice League, Wonder Woman release dates confirmed

Simon Brew News
Jan 22, 2016

Warner Bros officially confirms the release dates of its 2017 comic book movies...

Justice League movie: first look at Cyborg and The Flash

Simon Brew News
Jan 20, 2016

Warner Bros releases concept art for Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman. You can see it all here...

Wonder Woman: first footage from new movie

Simon Brew Trailer
Jan 20, 2016

See Gal Gadot in action as Wonder Woman, in the first material from the summer 2017 release...

DC Comics: upcoming UK movie release dates calendar

Rob Leane Odd List
Jan 26, 2016

Starting with Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, here’s everything you can expect from the DC movie universe up until 2020…

Wonder Woman casting update

Simon Brew News
Jan 18, 2016

Connie Nielsen is joining Gal Gadot in the cast of Wonder Woman...

Wonder Woman will be "a great, fun film" says Chris Pine

Don Kaye News
Jan 14, 2016

Chris Pine has been chatting about shooting the Wonder Woman movie - and promises we're in for a treat...