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Wonder Woman: more on Michelle MacLaren's departure

Mike Cecchini News Apr 20, 2015

With reports of six Wonder Woman screenplays in development, we've learned a little more as to why Michelle MacLaren quit as director.

Fletch remake switches studios, Jason Sudeikis still starring

Simon Brew News Apr 16, 2015

Jason Sudeikis is taking over the role of Fletch from Chevy Chase, as the new movie moves forward...

Sesame Street movie to be more like The Muppets

Simon Brew News Apr 15, 2015

Shawn Levy is to direct the Sesame Street movie, which has now jumped to Warner Bros...

The Flash movie: Phil Lord & Chris Miller sign up as writers

Ryan Lambie News Apr 10, 2015

The minds behind The Lego Movie are heading to the DC universe, as Phil Lord and Chris Miller sign up for The Flash movie...

Toys-to-life Lego Dimensions game unveiled, features Batman & Gandalf

Ryan Lambie News Apr 9, 2015

Warner Bros are set to release the Skylanders-like Lego Dimensions, which unites Batman and Gandalf minifigs, Lego bricks and a videogame...

The Gremlins reboot has a new writer

Ryan Lambie News Apr 9, 2015

With the Gremlins reboot still going, it's been revealed that a new writer has joined the project: Red Eye and Disturbia's Carl Ellsworth...

Elite Squad director Jose Padilha making SF thriller, Mindcorp

Ryan Lambie News Apr 9, 2015

Previously of Elite Squad and RoboCop remake fame, Jose Padilha is to co-write and direct a new sci-fi thriller called Mindcorp...

Five Nights At Freddy's movie in the works

Ryan Lambie News Apr 8, 2015

Horror game series Five Nights At Freddy's has been picked up for a movie adaptation, it's been announced...

Wonder Woman: what to expect from the movie

Rob Leane Feature Apr 1, 2015

Demigoddess or clay creation? Invisible plane or no? Here are our predictions for the Wonder Woman movie...

Adventure Time is heading to the movies

Simon Brew News Mar 2, 2015

Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time is heading to the big screen - with some of the The LEGO Movie personnel involved...