Star Wars

Star Wars: interactive lightsaber experience in development

Rob Leane News
Aug 23, 2016

Seemingly inspired by the Millennium Falcon’s combat remote, Disney is cooking up a lightsaber training experience...

Kenobi: A Star Wars Story fan-made teaser trailer

Kayti Burt Trailer
Aug 19, 2016

One fan has taken the idea of an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off Star Wars movie into their own hands...

Star Wars: the tragic history of its recently cancelled games

Matthew Byrd News
Aug 16, 2016

The Star Wars games that never made it to our computers and consoles - including a Chewbacca adventure...

Star Wars: Rogue One - breaking down the second trailer

Ryan Lambie Feature
Aug 12, 2016

We dig into the second trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One to see what secrets it contains...

Star Wars: Han Solo movie casting Lando Calrissian

Simon Brew News
Aug 12, 2016

Alden Enhrenreich's Han Solo will be joined by Lando in the Han Solo early years movie. And Donald Glover has been linked...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 4-disc set now on the way

Simon Brew News
Aug 11, 2016

Disney is releasing a brand new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray set before Christmas. Details here...

Star Wars: live-action TV series could still happen

Joseph Baxter News
Aug 5, 2016

While the topic of a live-action Star Wars TV series seemed dead, ABC has just brought it back to life with interesting comments.

Star Wars fan game halted by Lucasfilm and EA

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 1, 2016

Star Wars: Battlefront tribute game Galaxy In Turmoil has been halted by Lucasfilm and EA, its developer reveals...

Collections: how to avoid a hobby becoming a problem

Alex Westthorp Feature
Jul 29, 2016

A few tips on what to do if your geek merchandise and DVD/Blu-ray collections run the risk of getting out of hand...

Star Wars: Han Solo to get a trilogy of films?

The Star Wars logo.
Ryan Lambie News
Jul 26, 2016

An anonymous insider claims that a trilogy of Han Solo spin-off movies are in the works at Disney-Lucasfilm...