Only Those Strong in the Force Can Defeat This Star Wars Character Quiz

Does their name sound like it would be in Star Wars? Then they MUST be a Star Wars character. Right?

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Mandalorian
Photo: Lucasfilm

Another May the 4th has arrived, and with it, the promise of so much Star Wars goodness on the horizon. Today, for example, sees the release of a new animated series called Tales of the Empire, which expands the stories of Lady Morgan Elsbeth, the villainous Nightsister from the Mandoverse, and Barriss Offee, a fallen Jedi whom Clone Wars fans have long wanted to revisit. The show sees both of these characters embrace the dark side for the glory of the Empire. Festive viewing indeed.

That’s only the beginning for the villains of Star Wars. On June 4, fans will get to witness the return of the Sith in the new Disney+ live action series The Acolyte, which stars Amandla Stenberg as an ex-Jedi who’s gone rogue as well as Lee Jung-jae and Dafne Keen as a Jedi Master and apprentice duo investigating a series of mysterious crimes. The show is set at the end of the High Republic era, 100 years before any of the movies, even the Prequels, which means this is the furthest back we’ve ever been on the Star Wars timeline in live action. The new era means The Acolyte can explore characters, places, and lore we’ve never seen on screen before, including how the Sith first launched their plan to take over the Republic and exterminate the Jedi Order.

But it isn’t just all bad vibes in the galaxy far, far away! To celebrate May the 4th, we also have a brand-new Star Wars quiz that will challenge how well you know even the most obscure scum of the Outer Rim just from seeing their names. There may even be a few followers of the dark side in there…

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