Wesley Snipes: ball is in Marvel's court over Blade

Simon Brew News
May 25, 2016

Wesley Snipes wants to return to Blade - but the ball remains in Marvel's court...

25 underrated blockbusters of the 90s

Nick Horton Feature
Mar 24, 2016

Last Action Hero? Alien 3? Nick offers his selection of 25 underrated blockbusters from the 1990s...

Deadpool, and the box office of R-rated comic book films

Rob Leane Feature
Feb 15, 2016

Deadpool's opening weekend proves that people will turn out R-rated comic book movies. But they have been doing since the 1970s...

Marvel: PG-13 rated movies, R-rated TV shows?

Dan Cooper Feature
Jan 22, 2016

Will Marvel ever make an R-rated comic book movie? And why is it taking such chances with its TV shows?

Blade reboot: "conversations have been good" says Wesley Snipes

Simon Brew News
Sep 23, 2015

A Blade 4 may yet happen - and Wesley Snipes is open to the idea of Blade joining The Avengers, too...

Blade 4: Wesley Snipes confirms Marvel talks

Simon Brew News
Jul 10, 2015

Marvel and Wesley Snipes have met up about a possible further Blade adventure. Snipes holds the door open for further Marvel work too...

Wesley Snipes reportedly offered a return to Blade

Simon Brew News
Sep 2, 2014

Could Blade be returning? A new report suggests that an offer has now been made to Wesley Snipes to reprise the role...

13 ways directors dealt with tricky actors and situations

Simon Brew Feature
Jul 25, 2014

Some director are said to live in fear of actors. Some have lots of cunning plans up their sleeve to help get what they want...

Kevin Feige updates on Marvel Phase 3 plans

Glen Chapman News
May 21, 2013

Kevin Feige has been providing an update on characters under consideration for Marvel Phase 3

Blade, Ghost Rider and The Punisher all back with Marvel

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance
Simon Brew News
May 3, 2013

Marvel Studios has regained the movie rights to The Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade, it's been confirmed...