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Sherlock: new Benedict Cumberbatch action figure unveiled

Louisa Mellor News Aug 27, 2015

What's 5 inches tall, made of plastic and solves crimes? Why, this new Sherlock Holmes action figure...

How 9 prematurely cancelled TV shows would have continued

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 27, 2015

Had Freaks And Geeks, Caprica and more not been cancelled, here’s what their showrunners had planned for their futures. Spoilers…

American Horror Story: Hotel first-look character images

Louisa Mellor News Aug 26, 2015

Want a look at Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley and more look like in American Horror Story: Hotel? Step this way...

The early versions of Pixar film stories

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 26, 2015

Which Pixar film began life as a story about two alien princes living in a floating city? That’s right, Up…

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: new trailer lands online

Louisa Mellor Rob Leane Trailer Aug 25, 2015

A second trailer for horror comedy Ash Vs. Evil Dead has landed online, starring Bruce Campbell and his Boomstick...

Arrow season 4: Stephen Amell on Matt Ryan's Constantine guest role

Louisa Mellor Rob Leane News Aug 24, 2015

"He is such a treat,’” says Stephen Amell of Matt Ryan, who is set to reprise his version of Constantine in Arrow season 4...

This Is England '90 air date confirmed, new poster

Louisa Mellor News Aug 21, 2015

Shane Meadows' This Is England spin-off series continues with This Is England '90, starting on Channel 4 on the 13th of September...

How Pete Docter’s student films anticipate his Pixar work

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 20, 2015

Three 80s student shorts by Pixar director Pete Docter contain the seeds of his later work on Toy Story, Up, Monsters Inc. and Inside Out…

The Last Kingdom: first trailer for BBC Cornwell adaptation

Louisa Mellor Trailer Aug 18, 2015

Here's a first official look at BBC America's adaptation of Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories novel, The Last Kingdom...

Luna: New Moon sci-fi novel being adapted for TV

Louisa Mellor News Aug 18, 2015

Ian Macdonald's Luna: New Moon is being adapted into a TV series by NCIS showrunner Shane Brennan, for CBS...

The stories behind TV production company closing logos

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 11, 2015

Grr, argh. Sit, Ubu, sit. I made this! What’s the story behind the production company tags added onto our favourite TV shows?

9 TV shows developed from abandoned movie scripts

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 10, 2015

Before they became TV shows, Mad Men, ER, The Following, Glee and others were just more of Hollywood's unmade movie scripts…

Comparing Humans to Swedish original, Real Humans

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 6, 2015

Channel 4’s Humans is adapted from Lars Lundström’s Swedish Äkta Människor. How close are the two dramas, and where do they differ?

Community: Joel McHale confirms no season 7 on Yahoo

Louisa Mellor News Aug 4, 2015

Community season 6 was its final run, according to Joel McHale. Yahoo wanted season 7 but can't afford the cast...

Peep Show series 9 starts filming

Louisa Mellor News Aug 4, 2015

Mark and Jez are back in front of the camera filming Peep Show's final season, due to arrive later this year...

Humans: 12 questions left unanswered by the series 1 finale

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 4, 2015

Now that the series 1 finale has aired, what questions does Humans have left to answer in series 2?

Humans renewed for series 2

Louisa Mellor News Jul 31, 2015

Channel 4 and AMC have ordered a further eight episodes of sci-fi drama Humans, which concludes in the UK this Sunday...

Scream renewed for season 2 by MTV

Louisa Mellor News Jul 30, 2015

MTV's Scream series has been officially renewed for a second season...

The CW developing "gritty" adaptation of er, Little Women

Louisa Mellor News Jul 30, 2015

Louisa M. Alcott's Little Women is ripe for a gritty, dystopian TV adaptation according to the folk over at The CW...

Banshee to end after season four

Louisa Mellor News Jul 29, 2015

Banshee season four will be the Cinemax show's last, according to the latest reports...