Eric Andre Interviews Hot Instagram Babes, Saves Valentine’s Day

Eric Andre now owns Valentine's Day. And Instagram.

Eric Andre is having none of this Hallmark holiday bullshit. He’s cutting to the chase with a weeklong Valentine’s Day series of interviews with The Hot Babes Of Instagram on Bypass the mush, the cards, the candies, and the sex, and go let your fantasies run wild in Andre’s nightmare late night talk show set. It just might save your love life.

Consider this Andre’s first attempt at claiming the top spot on our Best Comedies 2017 list, after he clocked in at No. 5 in 2016. A new season of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim is due later this year. 

If you love love as much as Eric does, watch the videos to find out who is his rock, his mountain.

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Andre is interviewing a new babe every day this week on