Link Tank: Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa Action Figures Revealed by The Nacelle Company

The Nacelle Company's latest action figures are here, and more fantastic news in today's issue of Link Tank!

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa acton figures from Nacelle
From: The Nacelle Company

The Nacelle Company is introducing an exciting new line of Wild West-inspired action figures. Watch the exciting reveal video below:

Strap up your stirrups and throw on your C.O.W.-Boy hats, cause it’s time to take the trail back to Cow Town with wave 1 of the Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa action figures!

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With Deadpool & Wolverine on the horizon, it’s time to try and figure out the overly-convoluted nature of Fox’s X-Men franchise.

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“The chronology of any comic book storyline or character—woven throughout decades of creative teams, retcons, and realignments to the narrative—is always a complicated affair. But there are few mainstream adaptations with a more convoluted mess of timelines and canons than Fox’s X-Men movies. Now, nearly two and a half decades after it began, as we begin to bid farewell to it via the New Management in Deadpool & Wolverine, we look back at the utterly insane throughline of the X-Men cinematic universe.”

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Princess Peach gets her time to shine in a new game from Nintendo, which is full of exciting new costumes for the gaming icon.

“On March 22, Princess Peach: Showtime! will give us a standalone Peach game, rather than relegating the princess to the role of side character in yet another Super Mario Bros. title. We haven’t gotten a solo Peach game since 2005 (and that one was pretty shallow and insulting), so this is long overdue. The upcoming action adventure game for Nintendo Switch is due out in March, but everyone is curious about what it will entail and how many outfit changes Peach will get during it (it’s a lot).”

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M. Night Shyamalan’s latest effort, Trap, which takes place during a pop concert, is hiding a serial killer in plain sight.

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“Taking place at a pop star’s concert, Hartnett leads the film and is see in the trailer in character with his daughter Jody at Lady Raven’s concert. Midway through the show, Hartnett’s character pops out to use the bathroom, only to see that there seems to be heavy police presence surrounding the concert venue and encroaching inside. He quickly learns that they are here after receiving a tip that a famed serial killer is on the loose and is at the concert venue. The plot twist, later reveals that Hartnett is the killer they are looking for as it cuts to a shot of him checking his phone and watching a live feed of a victim he is holding hostage. The trailer ends with Hartnett’s manic look, seemingly laughing to himself.”

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While it’s not the reboot many feared, a new TV series set in the same universe as The Office is on its way, and here are all the details we know about the series so far.

The Office-verse could be about to get even bigger. Earlier this year, Deadline reported that Greg Daniels, the producer responsible for Americanizing Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s beloved original British series The Office, had opened up a development room for a potential follow-up series.”

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LEGO revealed several new sets in their original theme DREAMZzz, featuring an array of new and exciting pieces for collectors to get their hands on.

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“The new DREAMZzz sets have now been added to, revealing prices for the range and two previously unseen sets, of which 71486 Castle Nocturnia is a definite standout! These sets will be released on the 1st of August and there are now eight expected in total.”

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