Edge of Tomorrow 2 Update, Sequel Close

Director Doug Liman suggests that Edge Of Tomorrow 2 could now be his next film...

It sounds as though obstacles are being taken out of the way of Edge Of Tomorrow 2 happening, according to the latest update from director Doug Liman.

In an interview with Collider about the YouTube series Impulse, Liman strongly suggests that scheduling problems have been resolved on the Edge Of Tomorrow sequel, and it’s now down to getting the screenplay in place.

“We’re just working on the script”, he said. “Now it’s down to we have a window where we could go do it, and we’re frantically working on the script. It’s one of those movies that we’ll only go make if we love the script. It’s not one of those things where the studio is pushing us to make it and they don’t really care if it’s good or not.”

Liman iterated that he, Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise don’t need to make the film, rather “we’re going to make it if we believe in it.”

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“We have a story that the three of us love, so we’re working hard on the script”, he added, teasing that “it has the possibility of being my next film.”

Here’s hoping.