Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Forces of Destiny, Thrawn: Alliances, Solo Characters, The Last Jedi

Some of the new Solo characters are discussed along with Forces of Destiny season 2 and other topics in this edition of the podcast.

The heroes of Star Wars had more adventures in Forces of Destiny this month, so we reviewed the YouTube short series and speculated on what other characters might get the cartoon treatment next. Forces of Destiny season 2 connects to some major events in the saga, including how Leia got the armor she used to sneak into Jabba’s Palace, and an extra adventure with Rose and Finn in The Last Jedi.

After a brief diversion to discover the origins of banana splits and the cultural significance of Denny’s  in both the United States and New Zealand, we talk about the new characters revealed from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Is Therm Scissorpunch the best Star Wars name yet? Yes. How does Therm Scissorpunch pick up objects? We don’t know.

We also discuss the Blu-Ray release of The Last Jedi and compare what was seen in the movie and deleted scenes to the scenes included in the novelization.

Timecodes:0:45 Thrawn: Alliances novel excerpt9:50 Solo: A Star Wars Story character reveals18:45 The Last Jedi Blu-Ray and special features30:11 The Last Jedi novelization41:16 Forces of Destiny Season 2

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