Saw 8 Happening, New Writers Hired

It's unclear whether it'll be a reboot or sequel but Saw: Legacy is in the works...


It was always going to be a question of when, not if, with regards the resurrection of the Saw movie franchise. The seven films to date have been hugely profitable, even if interest in them was dwindling by the time we got to the seventh, Saw 3D.

Lionsgate’s own fortunes in many ways were transformed by the success of Saw, and now the studio is set to resurrect the series. Saw 8 will go by the title of Saw: Legacy, and the studio has hired Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger — who penned the recent Piranha films and Sorority Row — to put together a screenplay.

Original Saw director James Wan and scribe Leigh Whannell are on board as executive producers.

As of yet it’s unclear whether Saw: Legacy will be a reboot or a sequel. Does it even matter?

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Source: Tracking Board.