Dune finds a new director

Frank Herbert’s Dune takes a big step towards a big screen return, as Paramount hires a new director…

The proposed remake of Dune, which had stalled when director Peter Berg left the project last year to go and make Battleship for Universal instead (which is still the most bizarre looking choice for a blockbuster movie in recent times), has found itself back on track. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Paramount Pictures is keen to fast track the project, and as such it’s hired a new director to take the reins. That man is Pierre Morel, who helmed the Liam Neeson-starring surprise smash hit Taken.

The project is going to head back to the writing stage, to allow Morel to get his fingerprints on the film, and the director is believed to be keen to stay as faithful to the Frank Herbert book. Thus far, the screenplay has been penned by Josh Zetumer, but Paramount will be bringing a new writer on board.

We’d wager we’re looking at a 2011 release at the earliest here, but we shall keep you posted…

Entertainment Weekly

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