Carpenter and Cage for prison siege thriller

The Master Of Horror is in talks with Nic Cage to bring out his first theatrical movie in nearly eight years...

John Carpenter.

John Carpenter is lining up his first theatrical release since 2001’s critical misfire Ghosts Of Mars. The Master Of Horror is in negotiation to team up with Nic Cage in a prison thriller entitled Scared Straight, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Cage’s role would find him as a lifer in a high-security prison who tries to help a young offender placed there as a ‘short sharp shock’, but who is subsequently taken hostage by the hardened inmates.

HR reports that the package was let expire by New Line, and has now been picked up by Nu Image/Millennium.

Straight Time would find Carpenter back in the very familiar ‘siege’ territory which characterises a great deal of his output, including Assault On Precinct 13, Prince Of Darkness and Ghosts Of Mars. The siege motif also emerges as a smaller element of his other films, including Starman, Halloween and The Thing.

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One of the directors previously associated with the film was Mummy 3 and xXx director Rob Cohen. The film builds on the work of Oscar-winning documentary maker Arnold Shapiro and his 1978 documentary Scared Straight!.


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