Upcoming GTA Online content info leaked?

Some possible hints on future GTA Online DLC has been allegedly revealed via leaked audio files...

Although by no means rock solid, it would appear as though some possible future content for Grand Theft Auto Online has been revealed. The leak, which comes in the form of a mashed up audio file of the game’s mission-givers such as Lester, Martin and Gerald, hints at various new features.

These possible new additions include a new casino (which is already on the map but unused), a new dirt track ‘Kickstart’ arena, phone and camera updates, business and property investments, and the addition of pink slip races that’ll see players put their custom cars on the line in competitive races.

The audio file, ‘mpdlc.awc’, which you can listen to below, was allegedly found within the 1.06 ‘Beach Bum‘ update to GTA V. Whether this truly does hint at upcoming content, or is simply a collection of unused audio files remains to be seen. Some of the features hinted at do sound interesting, though, that’s for sure.


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