Tears of the Kingdom: Most Powerful Armor Sets and Where to Find Them

You won't make it far in Tears of the Kingdom without some pretty powerful armor. Thankfully, we know where to find some of the best armor sets in the game.

Best Armor Tears of the Kingdom
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You can beat Tears of the Kingdom wearing little more than a sword and a prayer if you’d like, but most players will need to acquire some powerful pieces of armor at some point. Though you’ll eventually find valuable individual pieces of gear as you play the game, the very best Tears of the Kingdom armor is limited to armor sets.

Just as in Breath of the Wild, armor sets are thematically united pieces of gear that offer similar benefits. Unlike Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom‘s armor sets don’t offer full set bonuses as soon as you equip every piece. You can actually unlock additional set piece bonuses by upgrading some items at Great Fairy Fountains, but not every set can be upgraded in that way. Furthermore, the specifics of how that process works are still being uncovered as of the time of this writing, so we’ll probably have more to share about them at a later time.

For now, though, you really just need to know that it’s worth hunting down the best armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom for the buffs, booths, and resistances that the individual pieces in those sets offer. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most powerful armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom and how you can find them.

Hylian Armor Set – The Best Early Game Armor

The Hylian armor doesn’t benefit from any significant bonuses, which means it’s not an especially exciting option in the grand scheme of the game. However, it offers a solid set of defensive stats that will carry you through the early parts of the game when quality armor is a bit harder to come by. You will eventually replace it with some of the other armor sets we’ll be talking about, but it looks great and it does what it needs to. 

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Where to Find the Hylian Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

The Hylian armor set can be purchased from the armor shop in Lookout Landing. The hood costs 70 Rupees, the tunic costs 130 Rupees, and the trousers cost 120 Rupees. 

Stealth Armor Set – An Underrated Armor Set That Allows You To Get the Jump on Enemies

There are a few armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom that enhance your stealth, but the Stealth Set certainly seems to be the best in that class. This armor allows you to move quickly while making no, or very little, sound. That also makes it useful for getting around enemy encampments and getting the drop on larger enemies in the world. It really allows you to set up some elaborate sneak attacks. 

Where to Find the Stealth Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

You can purchase the Stealth Set in Kakariko Village. The mask costs 500 Rupees, the chest piece costs 700 Rupees, and the tights cost 600 Rupees. 

Climbing Armor Set – A Powerful Armor Set that Increases Your Base Climbing Speed

You can increase your max stamina in Tears of the Kingdom, but if you want to actually climb faster, this is the armor you need. The appropriately named Climbing Set is useful most of the time and arguably vital during otherwise slow parts of the game. You should always have it on hand whenever you need to make a long climb. 

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Where to Find the Climbing Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

The Climbing tunic and pants can be found in the North Hyrule Plain Cave near the New Serenne Stable. Drop down into the cave and look for the nearby waterfall. You’ll find the gear in a chest on the other side of the waterfall. 

There’s also a Climbing Set bandanna located in Ploymus Mountain Cave. If there are any other pieces to this set floating around in the game they haven’t been discovered yet. 

Fierce Deity Armor Set – An Fantastic Looking Armor Set that Greatly Increases Your Attack Power

One of the best combat armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom, the Fierce Deity armor pieces grant you flat attack power bonuses. Throw on every piece of this set, and you’ll make every weapon in the game notably stronger than it could ever otherwise be. It’s pretty much unrivaled when it comes to combat armor, and it looks incredible. It’s the rare piece of armor that you should go out of your way to acquire as soon as possible.

Where to Find the Fierce Deity Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

To find the Fierce Deity set, you’ll need to complete the “Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity” quest. This quest can be started by going to Foothill Stable, looking for the local camp, and speaking to the two brothers just outside of the cave. They will give you a sidequest called “Misko’s Cave of Chests.” By completing that quest, you’ll automatically begin the Fierce Deity quest. 

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From there, you’ll find the Fierce Deity Boots in the Ancient Tree Stump cave in Hyrule Fields. The Fierce Deity Armor, meanwhile, can be found in Akkala’s Citadel Ruins near the South Akkala Plains map marker. Finally, the Fierce Diety Mask is in Skull Lake Cave. After finding those items, you’ll also be rewarded with the Fierce Diety Sword.

Snowquill Armor Set – An Incredible Set of Cold Resistance Gear

You’re going to need some protection against the cold in Tears of the Kingdom, and the Snowquill Set offers just that. Grab it early, and you’ll finally be able to safely navigate those snowy danger areas with confidence and fewer spicy peppers clogging your inventory. 

Where to Find the Snowquill Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

You can purchase the Snowquill Armor Set from a vendor in Rito Village. The Snowquill Headdress costs, 650 Rupees, the Snowquill Tunic costs 500 Rupees, and the Snowquill Trousers cost 1000 Rupees. In other words, they’re incredibly expensive. 

Zora Armor Set – Utility Armor Set That Allows you To Finally Increase Your Swim Speed

Like climbing, swimming in Tears of the Kingdom can be a cumbersome process. Thankfully, the Zora aet greatly increases your swim speed, which is particularly useful during the Zora section of the game that the set references. Like the Climbing set, you’ll want to have this available at all times as soon as possible.

Where to Find the Zora Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Zora Armor chest piece can be acquired by completing the “Restoring the Zora Armor” quest. It’s a main story quest, so you can’t really miss it if you follow the story. 

The Zora Greaves can be acquired by speaking with Yona after completing the Sidon of the Zora quest. She doesn’t have it on her, but this event triggers the “A Token of Friendship” quest, which will lead you to the armor piece. 

The Zora Helm can be found by talking to Khira and Chroma in Zora’s Domain. This will trigger the “Never-Ending Lecture” quest. You’ll acquire the Zora Helm at the end of the quest and complete this set.

Flamebreaker Armor Set – A Powerful Set of Flame Resistance Gear 

Another powerful piece of resistance gear, the Flamebreaker armor makes it possible to survive some of the harshest areas in the game. You’re going to want it sooner rather than later, though its steep price does require quite a bit of Rupee farming. Still, the costs and efforts are very much worth it. 

Where to find the Flamebreaker Set in Tears of the Kingdom

The Flamebreaker Set can be purchased from the shop in Goron City. The Flamebreaker Armor will cost you 700 Rupees, the Flamebreaker Helm will cost you 1,400 Rupees, and the Flamebreaker Boots will cost you 1,200 Rupees. 

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Barbarian Set – An Attack Power Alternative that You Can Acquire Early in the Game

Though not as good as the Fierce Diety set, this attack power combat armor can be acquired fairly early on. It will last you until you can upgrade it, and it’s one of the best overall armor sets you can find during the game’s earliest hours. The chest piece alone is honestly worth going out of your way for early on, as it offers an immediate upgrade over most alternatives.

Where to Find the Barbarian Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

The Barbarian Armor chest piece can be found in Crenel Hills Cave. You’ll find this cave just northeast of Lookout Landing near the start of the main game. Work your way through the cave, and you’ll find the armor in a treasure chest. 

The Barbarian Helmet can be found in Robred Dropoff Cave. It’s located to the southeast of Karaiko Village. While the cave itself can be dangerous, it’s quite linear, so you should be able to find the chest containing the armor with little trouble. 

Finally, the Barbarian Leg Wraps can be found in Walnot Mountain Cave. The cave is located just north of Hateno Village. It’s an incredibly difficult area of the map that will test your gear, weapons, and abilities. However, the chest containing the armor is basically unmissable so long as you survive the journey. 

Miner’s Armor Set – A Unique Glowing Set of Armor That Becomes Invaluable in the Late Game

The Miner’s Set is one of the strangest armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom. It doesn’t offer enhanced resistances or additional attack power, but basically serves as a wearable flashlight. It probably doesn’t sound like much, but that bonus makes it much easier to navigate Tears of the Kingdom’s Depths (and difficult nighttime challenges). It’s just an incredible piece of utility armor. 

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Where to Find the Miner’s Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

The entirety of the Miner’s Set is located in the Depths area of Tears of the Kingdom map. You can actually find a series of maps in the Sky Islands that will lead you directly to these armor pieces, but you don’t need the maps to acquire the armor. 

The Miner’s Trousers can be found in Hylia Canyon Mine. If you go to the Great Abandoned Central Mine (one of the earliest Depths areas you’ll explore), you can ride a minecart right to the southwest area that contains the treasure chest that this armor is found in. 

The Miner’s Mask is found in the Abandoned Kara Kara Mine. The area is located just west of the Great Abandoned Central Mine. 

Finally, the Miner’s Top is located in the Daphnes Canyon Mine, north of the Great Abandoned Central Mine. 

Glide Armor Set – An Irreplaceable Piece of Armor That Lets You Fly (or Float) at Any Time

The Glide Armor isn’t the best armor in the game for every situation, but it is the one piece of armor that every Tears of the Kingdom player will want at some point. That’s because this armor set is basically a wearable paraglider that doesn’t deplete your stamina when you’re using it. Whether you’re using it by itself or in conjunction with the Paraglider, this armor makes it so much easier to navigate the game. 

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Where to Find the Glide Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

The Glide Mask can be found on Valor Island. To get there, head to the  South Mount Lanayru Tower and proceed northwest when you’re in the air. You’ll run into a small island in the sky, where you’ll be able to land and construct an airship. From there, proceed northeast and look for the island with a Shrine on it. There you will find a Zonai Construct. The construct will offer you a unique diving challenge. Complete the time limit version of that challenge within the time limit, and the Glide Mask is all yours.

The Glide Shirt can be found on Courage Island. To get there, head to Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, launch yourself into the air, and fly to the southwest. You should be able to spot Courage Island as you’re flying. There, another Zonai Construct will offer another challenge. Complete it, and you’ll be rewarded with the armor. 

Finally, the Glide Tights are found on Bravery Island. To get there, you’ll need to launch yourself in the air at Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. Fly directly south as soon as you are in the air. You will eventually run into Bravery Island if you head in this direction, though you may need to take a pit stop at a lesser island along the way to find a cannon that will help you cover the rest of the distance. Either way, Bravery Island contains another challenge and the final piece of this incredible set.