God of War Ragnarok: How to Transmog Your Armor and Change Its Appearance

God of War: Ragnarok's transmog system lets you change an item's appearance, but unlocking that feature is a little more difficult than you probably guessed.

God of war Ragnarok
Photo: PlayStation Studios

God of War: Ragnarok not only features multiple pieces of collectible armor but actually allows you to “transmog” that armor to change how its looks. A popular term in MMORPGs, “transmogging” is essentially the practice of making one item look like another without changing any of the original item’s stats or abilities.

In order to unlock God of War: Ragnarok’s transmog system, you’ll first need to upgrade a specific piece of armor to its maximum level. You can level up individual pieces of armor by collecting the appropriate amount of upgrade materials and then visiting Brok and Sindri’s shop to have them perform the upgrade itself. Each item costs a different amount of materials to upgrade, so you’ll want to check on the requirements of the individual piece you’re looking to upgrade in order to make sure you’re farming for the right supplies. 

Here’s where the bad news comes into play. Since you can’t transmog an item until you’ve fully upgraded it, that means you’ll need to upgrade an individual armor piece all the way to Level 9 before it is eligible to be transmogged. That will require a lot of resources, regardless of the individual piece of armor you’re trying to upgrade. Of course, some of the more powerful armor pieces in the game will naturally be even more expensive/difficult to upgrade.

Furthermore, those upgrades don’t apply to entire armor sets. So, if there’s a three-piece armor set you really like, and you’ve only upgraded the belt to max level so far, that means you’ll only be able to transmog the belt. The rest of the armor won’t be available to transmog until you’ve upgraded the other pieces to max level. Again, that process typically requires quite a few resources. 

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The good news is that you only need to upgrade the pieces of armor you intend to equip and transmog rather than the pieces you’re trying to aesthetically replicate. For instance, if you’re trying to make “Equipped Belt A” look like “Crafted Belt B,” you just need to upgrade Belt A. Once that equipped item is fully-upgraded, you can make it look like any other item in a similar equipment slot that you’ve previously crafted or acquired.

Furthermore, you can transmog a fully-upgraded piece of gear whenever you want. Once you’ve fully upgraded a piece of armor, simply select that armor in your menu, and you should see the option to make it look like any other crafted or acquired piece of armor in your inventory. We all love Brok and Sindri, but it’s nice to know you don’t have to run to their shop every time you want to change a piece of armor’s appearance. 

So is it even worth it to transmog your gear? Honestly, that depends. There may be times when you’ll want to swap between various pieces of armor in order to make the most of their individual perks in certain situations. In other words, there may be times when it’s more worthwhile to spend resources on the multiple pieces of gear you’ll actually be equipping rather than spending additional resources on individual pieces of gear just to change how they look.

Still, you will eventually upgrade at least a few sets of armor through the normal course of play. Once that happens, it’s nice to have the ability to change that armor’s appearance without compromising its stats and perks. Ragnarok’s transmog feature isn’t really worth going out of your way for, but it’s certainly nice to know that it’s (eventually) there.