Tears of the Kingdom: Best Weapons For the Early and Late Game

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers a nearly infinite arsenal of weapons. However, these are some of the best of the best.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Photo: Nintendo

Few things are more fun than exploring Tears of the Kingdom‘s weapons. Thanks to the game’s new Fuse system, players are capable of creating a nearly infinite supply of powerful weapons. Granted, even the best weapons will still break, but that mechanic allows you to create some genuinely broken weapons that will carry you through the game.

That’s what makes talking about the absolute best weapons in Tears of the Kingdom kind of difficult. While some weapons boast a higher base attack power than others, the best weapons usually require some kind of fusion to reach their full potential. It’s a great system, but it does mean you won’t just find the absolute best weapons laying around in the world.

That being the case, we’re going to break this article down into two sections. The first will tell you some of your best weapon options in the earliest hours of the game. The second section will focus on the weapons and weapon combinations you’ll rely on when you’re taking on the final bosses and other late-game content.

Tears of the Kingdom: Best Early Game Weapons

Are you looking for something to replace those sticks during your first few hours in Tears of the Kingdom? Here are the weapons you should be hunting down and fusing:

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Mushroom Spears

Yes, I’m serious. One of the best things you can do in the early stages of Tears of the Kingdom is Fuse a mushroom and a spear. Both are fairly common, and any spear and/or mushroom will do.

Attaching a mushroom doesn’t add much damage, but it does produce a knockback effect. When combined with the spear’s natural range, this combo allows you to keep enemies at a distance and keep foes separated from their packs. It’s not overpowered on its own, but it’s incredibly valuable.

Blue Moblin Pounder

The Blue Mobiln Pounder can be acquired by fusing a two-handed weapon with a Blue Moblin Horn. The former is obviously easy to find, and the latter should be easy to locate once you’re out in the open world.

This massive weapon is certainly slow but is capable of dealing tremendous damage. You might want to save it for special fights in the early game, but it’s one of the most powerful tools you can create in Tears of the Kingdom‘s earliest hours.

Soldier Reaper

The Soldier Reaper is maybe the most powerful weapon you can find in the Great Skies tutorial area. You’ll find it in a treasure chest located just outside the Pondside Cave. It is guarded by several Constructs, but you should be able to cheese your way through them.

This is just a solid overall sword that boats incredible attack speed, attack power, and durability for the early parts of the game. This one-handed powerhouse will get you through a lot of early content.

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Skeletal Bokoblin Arms

Skeletal Bokoblin’s are pretty easy to find at night and in caves. Kill one, and it will likely drop one of its arms that you can use as a weapon. It’s not very strong on its own. However, when you fuse that arm with another arm, something pretty amazing happens.

For some reason, fusing two arms together creates an absurdly powerful weapon. We’re talking 40+ power. Granted, that weapon will break very quickly. but these arms will carry you through some of the toughest early-game fights.

The Soldier’s Blade

To create the Soldier’s Blade, you’ll need to fuse a Zonaite Longsword with a Soldier’s Construct Horn. Both items should be relatively easy to find in the starting areas of the game, but the Longsword may take a little longer to acquire.

In any case, this is arguably the best overall early-game weapon. It offers a rare blend of power, speed, and durability that is pretty hard to top. As useful against bosses as it is against common enemies. you’ll want to craft these whenever possible.

Spiked Iron Ball

You’ll encounter a Spiked Iron Ball pretty early on, but you might not be bothered to look twice at it. Be sure to take that extra look, though. It turns out that a Spiked Iron Ball adds a whopping 15 damage to a base weapon.

You honestly don’t have to pair this with anything specific. A Spiked Iron Ball makes any and every weapon much better, and they’re pretty easy to find. This should be one of your favorite Fuse items in the early game.

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Zonai Device Weapons

Look for the words “resonates with Zonai Devices to increase attack power” in the description of any weapon you pick up. If you see those words, keep that weapon, and fuse it with a Zonai device as soon as possible. Congratulations: you now have a very powerful early-game weapon.

How powerful that weapon is depends on the items you fused together. However, these weapons essentially receive a damage boost bonus from Zonai devices. Modestly, you should expect a +5 damage boos from an item you weren’t doing much else with anyway. At the higher end of things, though, you can create some extremely powerful weapons that work well even in the late game. Basically, you should make these weapons a priority as soon as possible.

Tears of the Kingdom: Best Late Game Weapons

Once you get into the heart of Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to slowly build an arsenal of truly powerful weapons that can take out the final bosses. So far as that goes, here are some of your best options.

The Master Sword

A pretty obvious inclusion for this list, the Master Sword is quite possibly the best weapon in Tears of the Kingdom. While the Master Sword no longer has infinite durability, it’s a very powerful weapon in its own right. Besides, you can wait for the weapon to “recharge” when it’s running low on power.

As in Breath of the Wild, you can acquire the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom after meeting certain requirements. Specifically, you’ll need two full Stamina Bars in order to free the sword and make it yours. You can increase your Stamina by completing Shrines and acquiring Lights of Blessing. Those Lights of Blessing can be turned into a Goddess Statue in order to increase your Stamina or Health. If you’re going for the Master Sword, you’ll want to focus on increasing your stamina.

To acquire the Master Sword, you’ll need to find the Light Dragon. Technically, the Light Dragon can be spotted in the sky at any time. However, after you acquire the “Recovering the Hero’s Sword” Main Quest, a special marker will appear on your map that shows you the Light Dragon’s location.

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In any case, you’re going to have to reach the Light Dragon once you find it. That’s not easy. Depending on where the Light Dragon is, you’ll have to use a combination of Skyview Towers and your Paraglider to land on it. You can also drop on it from a sky island, but again, that option depends on where the dragon actually is.

In any case, you’ll need to land on the dragon, use all of your stamina, and pull the sword from the Dragon’s head. The effort is very much worth it, though other viable options do exist

Zora Weapons

If you’re looking for the most powerful weapon in the game, the short answer is “Zora Weapons.” The long answer to that question is “Zora Weapons, but only under certain conditions.”

See, Zora Weapons come with a unique effect that doubles their attack power whenever they get wet. Yes, that’s insane, and no, it isn’t that hard to pull off. Along with the obvious methods (fighting in water), you can also use a Chu Jelly or Splash Fruit to produce a similar effect.

I’ve seen Zora Weapons go up to 150+ attack power with the right Fuse attachments. While that requirement does limit their potential somewhat, you can’t ignore weapons that can one-shot many enemies in the game.

Silver Lynel Saber Horn

The Siler Lynel Saber Horn is not a weapon. It’s actually an attachment that you get from defeating a Silver-Maned Lynel (one of the toughest enemies in the game). However, that weapon can add 55 Fuse Attack Power to any item that you attach it to.

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In other words, the Silver Lynel Saber Horn is the key to making some of the strongest weapons in Tears of the Kingdom. When combined with the right weapons, this attachment can yield a durable 120+ attack power weapon that can be used at any time. While the horn is rare, you can “de-fuse” it at a special vendor right before a weapon breaks and use it again on a different item. Once you acquire one of these, you’ll never be too far from your best late-game weapon.

Savage Lynel Bow

Speaking of Lynels, the most powerful bow in Tears of the Kingdom can actually be acquired by defeating a Lynel. I’m not sure about the guaranteed drop rate, but it seems to be able to drop fairly consistently from any of the Lynel enemies that you defeat.

This bow is capable of firing multiple arrows in a row in a horizontal pattern, which basically makes it a shotgun. Though tricky to use at a distance, it will destroy anything at close ranges. Get one of these as soon as possible, save it for boss fights, and you’ll be set. The Royal Guard’s bow is the best long-rage alternative to this weapon.

Gerudo Scimitar

There are weapons more powerful than this one, but I’m mentioning it here due to how easy it is to find and its unique properties.

A common weapon among the Gerudo, you’ll be able to find a decent supply of these Scimitars in Gerudo regions. The downside is that they are not very durable. However, they actually gain bonus attack damage from fused items that grant attack power. They’re also incredibly fast. So, if you get a powerful item like the Silver Lynel Saber Horn, fuse it to this, and save the Horn before it breaks, you’ll have a 125+ damage lightning-fast melee weapon. It’s incredibly good.

Amiibo Weapons

Finally, I should probably give a shoutout to some of the amiibo weapons in the game. These include items like the White Sword of the Sky, Fierce Diety Sword, and Biggoron’s Sword. Individually, these weapons boast some of the highest attack power in the game. However, they are locked behind amiibos.

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It does seem like you are able to acquire the amiibo weapons in the game at some point. However, the methods for unlocking those items are still being discovered. That being the case, you should just know that the very best amiibo weapons are among the very best weapons in the game.