Marvel’s Midnight Suns Cast: Every Character and Voice Actor

Instead of pulling from a relatively small patch of the Marvel universe, Marvel’s Midnight Suns features a diverse roster of characters all played by a marvelous cast of voice actors.

Marvel's Midnight Suns cast
Photo: 2K Games/Anchor Bay Entertainment

While properties such as Marvel and DC Comics sport countless characters who shine on their own, arguably some of the most memorable stories feature disparate heroes banding together to take down threats larger than anyone can handle alone.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the latest game by Firaxis Games, the studio best known for the modern XCOM franchise. The game is loosely based on a team of the same name, which features a rotating roster of Marvel’s more gothic and magical characters. In the comics, the Midnight Suns’ members teamed up to fight Lilith, Mother of Demons, and the Midnight Suns game follows the same plot but with characters from throughout the Marvel universe. Many heroes in the game are or were previous members of the Midnight Suns group, while others are newcomers to the team. Firaxis hired an appropriately diverse and talented group of voice actors to bring all the game’s characters, including its villains, to life.

While some actors should sound familiar to seasoned gamers and/or Marvel fans, others might leave players scratching their heads. Here’s a look at Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ main characters and villains as well as who plays them.

The Hunter: Voiced by Matt Mercer and Trilla Suduri

Most characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns are famous faces many Marvel fans should recognize. However, The Hunter is a customizable character unique to the game. Since the Hunter is the player surrogate, their personality is determined by players’ actions.

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The only concrete aspects of this character are their backstory and skills. The Hunter is the child of Midnight Suns’ main antagonist, Lilith, and was raised in secret long ago to defeat her. While the Hunter succeeded, they died in the process and were buried, only to be resurrected by Doctor Strange when HYDRA brought Lilith back to life. The Hunter can channel Light and Dark energy to fill virtually any role, from damaging enemies to healing allies.

Since the Hunter is a customizable character, players can make them either male or female, each with their own voice. The male iteration is played by Matt Mercer, who is voice-acting royalty. He has played Cassidy (previously McCree) in Overwatch, Chrom in Fire Emblem: Awakening and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Levi in Attack on Titan. The female Hunter is voiced by Elizabeth Grullon, who you may know as Trilla Suduri in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or as Erika in Lucifer.

Spider-Man: Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal

Your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, Spider-Man, might not know a thing about magic, but that isn’t going to stop him from helping defeat Lilith. Every incarnation of Spider-Man keeps enemies off balance with constant punches and quips, and this game version is no different. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Spider-Man is a multi-target maestro. He can incapacitate multiple goons in one attack, and his webs help him control and restrict enemy movement.

In Midnight Suns, Spider-Man is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Gamers should recognize Lowenthal from countless titles, including the Prince in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Marth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. More recently, Lowenthal voiced Spider-Man in the 2018 masterpiece Marvel’s Spider-Man, reprised the role in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and will return to voice Spider-Man in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Captain America: Voiced by Brian Bloom

Captain America debuted in the 1940s with a comic cover portraying him socking Hitler in the jaw. This iconic image solidified Cap. as a champion of liberty and justice, and an enemy of Nazis and their modern successors in the Marvel universe, HYDRA. Since Captain America is a stalwart protector by nature, he is a natural tank in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Cap. specializes in drawing enemy attention, blocking their attacks with his shield, and converting the negated damage into powerful blows.

Brian Bloom is a veteran voice actor who actually previously voiced Captain America in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. He also famously played William ‘B.J.’ Blazkowicz in the modern Wolfenstein games.

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Blade: Voiced by Michael Jai White

The Marvel universe is full of supernatural threats such as vampires, and where there are vampires, there are also half-vampires, aka. Dhampirs. All the strength and stamina of a vampire with none of their weaknesses, and Blade is the most dangerous of them all. Driven by a single-minded hatred of vampires brought on by the death of his mother, Blade is as serious as he is deadly. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Blade is a damage-dealing nightmare. He is dangerous at any range and can heal himself by draining enemies of their life essence.

While many people probably think of Wesley Snipes from the Blade movies when they think of the character, Blade is played by Michael Jai White in Midnight Suns. Not to be confused with Jaleel White (aka. Steve Urkel from Family Matters), Michael Jai White is best known for playing Al Simmons/Spawn in the Spawn film, the mob boss Gambol in The Dark Knight, and the titular Black Dynamite in the Black Dynamite movies and cartoon.

Scarlet Witch: Voiced by Emily O’Brien

Few Marvel characters have changed as much as the Scarlet Witch. She has originally a mutant with the power to manipulate probability. That origin was retconned to turn her into an actual witch with access to reality-altering “chaos magic,” which remains true in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In the game, she is a tortured character who studies under Doctor Strange to control her powers, but part of her believes people are right to fear her. This is reflected by Scarlet Witch’s dual roles as hero and villain. Normally, Scarlet Witch can devastate the battlefield with AOE blasts, but she also spends part of the game serving Lilith.

Scarlet Witch actress Emily O’Brien has been quite busy as of late. She played Jade in Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms, Verðandi in God of War: Ragnarok, and previously played Amelie in Death Stranding.

Wolverine: Voiced by Steve Blum

Wolverine is arguably the most iconic Marvel character out there. Also known as Weapon X, he was experimented on by scientists who took advantage of his healing mutation to line every bone in his body, including retractable claws, with the indestructible metal Adamantium. This has left Wolverine a broken man who is feral in combat, and in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, he is a force to be reckoned with. He can taunt enemies to focus on him, heal damage faster than they can dish it out, and eliminate multiple henchmen at once with the fury of a rabid animal.

In Midnight Suns, Wolverine is played by Steve Blum. This casting shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Blum has played the character in countless games and cartoons since 2004. However, you might also recognize Blum as the voices of Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop (the anime, not the live-action show), Sub-Zero and Baraka in Mortal Kombat 11, and Guilmon from Digimon.

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Captain Marvel – Voiced by Erica Lindbeck

While most playable characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns have experience fighting mystical monsters, Captain Marvel is one of the only heroes who has been to space. When she was just an Air Force pilot, an alien race known as the Kree tried to sabotage the space program. This terrorist attack awakened the half-Kree side of Captain Marvel’s DNA, which granted her access to superhuman strength, flight, and cosmic energy blasts. In Midnight Suns, Captain Marvel is a ranged specialist, especially thanks to her “Go Binary” special ability, which doubles her damage output.

Voice Actress Erica Lindbeck has also been quite busy as of late. She recently played Hirst in God of War: Ragnarok and provided additional voicework for games like Diablo Immortal, Saints Row, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and Overwatch 2.

Sister Grimm – Voiced by Lyrica Okano

Sister Grimm (Nico Minoru to her friends) is arguably one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel universe. She was raised by parents who were secretly villainous sorcerers, and when she found out, they tried to kill her by stabbing her with a staff. However, Sister Grimm’s innate powers let her survive and control the weapon, giving her access to devastating spells. While Sister Grimm’s magic is powerful, it is also random at best. While she can nuke enemies in Marvel’s Midnight Suns with a single attack, she can’t control which enemies are nuked.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Sister Grimm is played by Lyrica Okano. While Okano has no prior voice roles, she has plenty of acting experience, including previously playing Nico Minoru in the Runaways TV series. 

Ghost Rider – Voiced by Darin De Paul

The Ghost Rider is not one hero but instead a collection of adrenaline-fueled daredevils who have been possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance. Currently, the skull-faced entity resides in Robbie Reyes, and their relationship is rocky. When the Spirit of Vengeance is in control, Ghost Rider is obsessed with punishing wicked souls in brutal fashion, much to Robbie’s chagrin. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Ghost Rider is a flagellant fighter. He damages himself to punish enemies, but he also has the ability to heal himself by absorbing the souls of anyone he defeats.

Actor Darin De Paul is probably best known for playing Reinhardt in the English language version of Overwatch. He’s provided additional voicework for numerous other games, though, including World of Warcraft, Saints Row, and even Spider-Man: Miles Morales (in which he played J. Jonah Jameson).

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Magik – Voiced by Laura Bailey

Magik might be the younger sister of the X-Men Colossus, but she is arguably more powerful than her super-strong brother. When she was a young girl, Magik was kidnapped by the demon lord Mephisto, and while in his realm, she gained the ability to teleport and used her own life essence to forge the Soulsword. Magik eventually escaped Mephisto and even conquered the realm of Limbo, and her experience will prove useful in the fight against Lilith and her minions. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Magik can control the battlefield with her teleportation skills and portals, and what Magik lacks in training and skill she makes up for with a big honkin’ sword.

The great Laura Bailey voices Magik in Midnight Suns. Most of you probably know her for her award-winning portrayal of Abby in The Last of Us Part 2 or perhaps her long-running role in the hit D&D web series Critical Role.

Doctor Strange – Voiced by Rick Pasqualone 

It takes time and talent to earn the title of Sorcerer Supreme, and Doctor Strange has both. Originally, he was a skilled brain surgeon, and when an accident all but destroyed the nerves in his hands, he scoured the world for any sort of cure. While he never found one, he instead discovered a new calling under the Ancient One and became a master of the mystic arts. Doctor Strange now is the world’s most foremost expert on the occult, which he uses to aid the Midnight Suns. Unlike other spellcasters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, who use the battlefield as a shooting range, Doctor Strange treats it as a chessboard. He wields his magic to stack the odds in his favor, be it by buffing allies or temporarily banishing enemies.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Doctor Strange is played by Rick Pasqualone. Never heard of him? Well, you’ve most certainly heard him. He played Vito Scaletta in the Mafia trilogy, Agent Daniels in Spec Ops: The Line, and Doctor Strange in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Iron Man – Voiced by Josh Keaton

Virtually everyone knows who Iron Man is: Billionaire playboy genius by day, armored one-man-army also by day. He was born into privilege and inherited his father’s company, but a close call with a bomb explosion made him rethink his life, mostly because the blast lodged shrapnel in his chest. These slivers of metal forced him to change his ways, and now Iron Man uses his inheritance and intelligence to improve the world, mostly by donning high-tech armor to fight villains. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Iron Man uses his smarts and technology to dominate the battlefield. Not only is he comfortable in any role, but he can also recycle ability cards to power them up.

Josh Keaton is actually one of the most talented and prolific voice actors you may not be familiar with. He previously voiced young Hercules in the 1997 Hercules film, Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3, and even played The Flash and Aquaman in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. His full resume is as long as it is impressive.

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Bruce Banner/The Hulk – Voiced by William Salyers/Fred Tatasciore

The Hulk is both the Marvel universe’s simplest and most complex character. He is the alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, formed out of the man’s repressed childhood memories and exposure to gamma radiation. The Hulk is a simple-minded brute and is wildly unpredictable — he has allied himself with heroes almost as often as he has fought them. And in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Lilith takes advantage of his dual nature. The Hulk serves as both a boss and a controllable brawler, specializing in taunting enemies to draw their fire. But instead of mitigating incoming damage, the Hulk uses it to fuel his own attacks. The more he is hit, the angrier he gets, and the angrier he gets…well, you know.

Bruce Banner is voiced by William Salyers, who many of you may know as Otto Octavius in the recent Marvel’s Spider-Man games or perhaps as Rigby in Regular Show. The Hulk, meanwhile, is voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who is probably best known as the voice of Soldier: 76 in the Overwatch games.

Lilith – Voiced by Jennifer Hale

Quite confusingly, the first character to bear the name “Lilith” in Marvel comics is Dracula’s daughter, Lilith Drake. The Lilith of Marvel’s Midnight Suns has nothing to do with her. This Lilith, also known as the Mother of Demons, was old before humanity began. Originally, she was a heroic warrior but was corrupted by the Elder God Chthon, and while she died a long time ago, Lilith was reawakened by HYDRA. Her end goal in the game is to revive Chthon, and to do so, she leads an army of demons known as the Lilin. True to her name, Lilith is literally the mother of every Lilin in Midnight Suns, and she can even corrupt other beings to turn them into Lilin, as she does with Sabretooth, Venom, Scarlet Witch, and the Hulk.

Jennifer Hale recently voiced Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3, though many of you may know her best as the voice of the female version of Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series. Her many, many other video game voice credits include playing Ashe in the Overwatch games.