Fire Emblem Engage: How to Romance Every Character

Fire Emblem Engage isn’t all about leading your army to victory. Part of the game revolves around getting to know your allies and letting love bloom on the battlefield.

Fire Emblem Engage
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Fire Emblem games have a long-standing tradition of letting characters hook up with one another. Nothing encourages love quite like a battle of life and death against bandits and dragons. The latest entry, Fire Emblem Engage, is no different. Mostly.

In previous Fire Emblem games, most characters can develop relationships with one another. The stronger the relationship, the bigger the buffs they receive when fighting side-by-side. If these relationships grow enough, they can even result in wedding bells, although not every character is or will be attracted to every other character. Usually, the series’ protagonist gets most of the action (wink wink), and in some cases, romancing comes with an extra reward. While Fire Emblem Engage‘s romance system functions similarly to previous entries, the mechanic is both scaled back and expands upon what came before

Here’s a quick and dirty guide on the Fire Emblem Engage’s romance system.

How to Romance Characters in Fire Emblem Engage

As is usually the case in RPGs, you have to work your way up to romancing NPCs. After all, love at first sight is only a fairy tale.

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Before you can romance an NPC in Fire Emblem Engage, you have to improve their support rank. Doing anything next to a character during combat (including, but not limited to, fighting and healing) will increase their support rank. If you see hearts pop up between two characters, you know you are on the right track.

Additionally, you can improve connections in the Somniel, either by sparring with an ally or asking whoever is on cooking duty to craft a dish. While both are random since you never have control over who is in the arena or kitchen, the latter also lets you increase bonds with multiple characters since several allies will also join in the feast.

The goal of building a rapport between allies in any Fire Emblem title is to grow their support bond levels as high as possible. Unfortunately, only the protagonist can reach the maximum S-Rank in Fire Emblem Engage. Everyone else can only climb as high as A-Rank. Moreover, you can’t reach S-Rank before the end of the campaign (specifically Chapter 23). That section of the game unlocks one final Paralogue mission, “The Connector,” which rewards players with the Pact Ring.

To use that item, retrieve it from the protagonist’s bedside table and give it to any ally with A-Rank support (which is denoted by a ring symbol in Fire Emblem Engage). After you give a character the Pact Ring, a cutscene will play out, and you will unlock several new perks, including a new Ally Notebook entry and an ability that activates when the characters use an Engage Skill together.

Before you give the Pact Ring to an ally, remember that you only get one ring. Choose carefully.

Every Character You Can Romance in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, the main character can romance a good chunk of their allies, including characters of the same gender. This design choice is far more inclusive than previous entries, but it comes at the cost of other, additional characters potentially getting to experience love blooming on the battlefield.

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Here is a complete list of everyone the main character can fall in love with. Just note that Engage Emblems are not romanceable since they are spirits. Sorry, everyone who wanted to date Marth, but that’s just how it goes.

Male Romance Partners






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Female Romance Partners







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So who do you want to romance in Fire Emblem Engage and why? Let us know in the comments.

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