Fire Emblem Engage Cast: Every Character and Voice Actor

Is there a Fire Emblem Engage character who sounds strangely familiar but you just can't seem to put a name to their voice? Well, here's a rundown of the game's English-language cast.

Fire Emblem Engage
Photo: Nintendo

Fire Emblem fans have plenty of reasons to be excited about the recently-released Fire Emblem Engage. Not only is it the latest entry into the famous strategy franchise, but it’s really a return to form for Fire Emblem after the series experimented with a few different ideas. It also features a massive roster of characters voiced by some pretty notable actors.

Seriously, Engage’s voice cast is impressive. It’s one thing to boast a roster of named and notable characters quite so large, and it’s quite another to give most of those characters their own name and voice. While you may only recognize the names of a few Fire Emblem voice actors on paper, you’ll almost certainly recognize many of them the moment you hear them in-game.

So whether you can’t quite place why that name is so familiar, or you just want a little more information on who is in the game, here’s our breakdown of Fire Emblem Engage‘s massive cast of characters and the voice actors who help bring them to life.

Fire Emblem Engage: Every Character and Voice Actor

Please note that this section currently contains information on Fire Emblem Engage‘s English cast of voice actors. If we are able to acquire additional information on the full list of corresponding Japanese voice actors, we will update this article at that time.

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Alcryst – Micah Solusod
Alear (Female) – Laura Stahl
Alear (Male) – Brandon McInnis
Alfred – Nick Wolfhard
Amber – Parker Way
Anna – Monica Rial
Beret – Unknown
Boucheron – Joe Hernandez
Bunet – Ian Sinclair
Byleth – Zach Aguillar
Celica – Erica Lindbeck
Celine – Rachelle Heger
Chloe – Elizabeth Simmons
Citrinne – Britney Karbowski
Clanne – Justin Briner
Claude von Reigan – Joe Zieja
Corrin – Marcella Lentz-Pope
Diamant – Stephen Fu
Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd – Chris Hackney
Edelgard von Hresvelg – Tara Platt
Eirika – Kira Buckland
Ephraim – Greg Chun
Etie – Trina Nishimura
Eve – Megan Hollingshead
Fogado – Zeno Robinson
Framme – Lisa Reimold
Goldmary – Maureen Price
Griss – Jamison Boaz
Hortensia – Amber Connor
Hyacinth – Brook Chalmers
Ike – Greg Chun
Ivy – Reba Buhr
Jade – Katelyn Gault
Jean – Colleen O’Shaughnessey
Kagetsu – Khoi Dao
Lapis – Kimberly Woods
Leif – Nicolas Roye
Lindon – James Wade
Louis – J Micheal Tatum
Lucina – Alexis Tipton
Lumera – Julia McIlvaine
Lyn – Wendee Lee
Marni – Sarah William
Marth – Yuri Lowenthal
Mauvier – Gavin Hammon
Merrin – Cristina Valenzuela
Micaiah – Veronica Taylor
Morion – Josh Petersdorf
Pandreo – Ricco Fajardo
Panette – Melissa Hutchison
Rosado – Brian Timothy Anderson
Roy – Ray Chase
Saphir – Cassie Ewulu
Seadall – Griffin Puatu
Seforia – Afi Ekulona
Sigurd – Grant George
Sombron – Erik Braa
Tiki – Mela Lee
Timera – Dani Chambers
Vander – Jason Vande Brake
Veyle – Megan Harvey
Yunaka – Laura Post
Zelkov – David Matranga
Zephia – Elizabeth Maxwell

You’ll probably recognize a few of those names right away if you tend to follow the video game voice-acting scene. For instance, Yuri Lowenthal has made quite a name for himself in recent years by voicing Spider-Man in the Insomniac titles as well as Marvel’s Midnight Suns. He’s actually been featured in quite a few video game voice casts over the years and certainly makes his presence known here through his work as series’ veteran, Marth.

Some of you may also recognize Jason Vande Brake: a veteran video game voice actor who even recently voiced Brineybeard in Netflix’s Cuphead Show. Interestingly, Jason voiced two different characters (Mordecai and Jaffar) in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Lisa Reimold may also sound familiar to anime fans. She’s previously voiced characters in popular anime series such as Gundam and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The same goes for Justin Briner, who previously voiced characters in My Hero Academia, One Piece, and numerous other anime series. He even voiced Cloud in Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged.

Oh, and if the name Nick Wolfhard sounds familiar, that’s probably because he’s both the brother of Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard and a talented voice actor in his own right. Actually, he previously voiced Alfred in the English version of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Overall, Engage boasts a fantastic cast of actors who all help the game realize its somewhat surprising cinematic ambitions. Be sure to check out their other work and send a few nice words their way if you happen to find the time to do so.

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