Best Anime Gifts to Buy on Black Friday 2023

Love anime? Then you're going to love these holiday gifts!

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This has been a stellar year for anime. From the end of Attack on Titan and the continuation of hits like My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer to the debut of new hits like ZOM 100, there’s plenty to love for every kind of anime fan. The same is true of anime collectibles. Whether you’re attached to your childhood favorites or are caught up on the latest and greatest, there’s every kind of collectible you can think of out there.

With help from eBay, we’ve identified a few anime items you’ll want to get your hands on this holiday.

Asuka Langley Figure

One of Evangelion’s main characters, Asuka Langley should not be trifled with. She’s mostly known for her serious outfit when piloting her Eva unit, which is why this particular figure stands out. Rather than the serious, end-of-the-world business, this casual look is a nice change-up from the dire circumstances of the show. Plus, there are monochrome-colored versions out there, too.

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Maybe there should be casual-styled figures for all of our favorite anime characters. There are so many of them going through so much nonsense and tragedy—and, woo boy, especially in Evangelion—so a little fun is welcome.

Buy the Asuka Langley figure here

Neon Genesis Evangelion Eva Unit 01 Mech

What if we told you that One Piece wasn’t the first successful live-action adaptation, but rather that the timeless Neon Genesis Evangelion was the first to break the curse? That’s right, Pacific Rim is secretly the best anime adaptation there ever was!

All jokes aside, the series and, of course, the Eva Mechs serve as some of the most iconic mechs in all of anime. It’s a must-have for fans to display proudly—and all without any of the dangers that befall them, and certainly their pilots, in the actual story.

Buy the Neon Genesis Evangelion Eva Unit 01 Mech here

First4Figures Faye Valentine

Another anime from the ‘90s, Cowboy Bebop is as close to timeless as you’ll get across ANY medium or genre. The series is critically acclaimed for its many, many, MANY thematic lessons and subtext surrounding a group of ordinary-seeming bounty hunters. One of these hunters, Faye Valentine, is one of the more memorable female characters in anime history.

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And it seems the folks over at First4Figures took notice, as their Faye Valentine figure is absolutely stupendous. The TV screen is a nice touch, too, especially if you know the full story behind it from the anime.

Buy the First4Figures Faye Valentine here

Digimon Adventure Mini Figures

Throwing it back to olden times yet again, Digimon may not be quite as recognizable as the other big pocket monster series with a similar name, but the passion is just as strong. If you were a ‘90s kid, then these little figures of the original Digimon featured in Digimon Adventure may tickle your fancy quite a bit.

Plus, they’re just cute little guys on their own. Who doesn’t love cute little guys?

Buy the Digimon Adventure Mini Figures here

Chainsaw Man Pochita Plush

Okay, fine, we’ll get back to some of the more modern anime franchises, but we will NOT move away from cute little guys. Case in point: this Pochita plush from Chainsaw Man is enough to melt your heart despite the subject matter. Anime has become so mainstream these days that the Los Angeles Chargers referenced this guy in their schedule release video for the 2023 NFL season.

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His time in the actual series may not be long, but the impression he’ll leave in your heart is eternal.

Buy the Chainsaw Man Pochita Plush here

Attack on Titan Survey Corp Flag

Attack on Titan had a very strong run, and emotions are still running high after the epic series finale. While there are plenty of brave warriors—and sinister Titans, of course—to get collectibles for, the flag of the Survey Corp might be the coolest of all. The insignia on the flag, dubbed “The Wings of Freedom,” is meant to inspire hope…something we could all use a little bit more of. Just make sure those Titan fellows don’t catch you with it. They’re meanies.

Buy the Attack on Titan Survey Corp Flag here

Jujutsu Kaisen Art Print by Wizyakuza

Jujutsu Kaisen has quickly become one of the most popular anime series in the world. So, naturally, it is being featured on this list—and specifically with one of its most popular characters, Gojo. It feels appropriate that this artwork by Wizyakuza be included because Gojo’s absolutely serene and ocean-blue eyes are deserving of such masterwork.

Wizyakuza also does plenty of other designs, some even featuring a 3D transitional design, that pay tribute series like One Punch Man and Naruto. Heck, there’s even a “Last Supper” inspired design you could try and get your hands on.

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Buy the Jujutsu Kaisen Art Print here

Naruto Shippuden Headband Set

The will of fire never extinguishes! One of the most popular anime in the West, Naruto is an expansive world filled with a litany of different characters and villages. There’s more than just the Hidden Leaf Village, where the eponymous main character hails from, and this set has you covered if you’re looking to cosplay any of the other supporting characters and their respective villages. Whether it’s for cosplay, display, or anything in between, this collection of ninja headbands is a must for diehard fans.

Buy the Naruto Shippuden headband set here

Demon Slayer Coat

Say what you will, anime outfits are one of a kind. The uniqueness! The colors! Just absolutely sublime at all times, which is why we’re doing another attire selection. Demon Slayer is one of the most popular series currently running, so you have to include this jacket replicating the kimono that main character Tanjiro Kamado so elegantly wears on the show. The checkerboard styling makes this an awesome gift, even if you—or the recipient—aren’t that into the series. Just look at it. Go ahead, take your time, and slay some demons (figuratively) as you rock this bad boy.

Buy the Demon Slayer coat here

Samurai Champloo Vinyl

While Samurai Champloo may not have the same over-the-top samurai action of Demon Slayer, it more than makes up for it with a different kind of style: music. From the same director of Cowboy Bebop, Shinichiro Watanabe followed up his masterpiece with a story just as rich. But perhaps the greatest calling card of the series is its soundtrack featuring hip-hop-inspired tracks.

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The artist, the late Nujabes, is actually considered to be one of the main pioneers behind the Lo-Fi Hip-Hop genre of music that has grown so much in popularity. If you’re a fan of vinyl, the soundtrack here is not only filled with bangers and equally mellow beats but also a little bit of music history given the sub-genre it inspired.

Buy the Samurai Champloo vinyl here