Sam Raimi

Evil Dead: another movie is possible, says Fede Alvarez

Edward Douglas News
Jul 27, 2016

If the Evil Dead franchise wants to rise again, they'll have to find the right tone to go with Ash vs Evil Dead...

Spider-Man 4: new details of Sam Raimi’s abandoned film

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst
Simon Brew News
Jun 2, 2016

Sam Raimi's abandoned Spider-Man 4 had more villains planned, as concept art appears online...

Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2: first image of Lee Majors as Ash's dad

Rob Leane News
Jul 21, 2016

Lee Majors will play the father of Bruce Campbell's Ash in the second season of Ash Vs Evil Dead...

How Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 would have panned out

Rob Leane Feature
Jun 3, 2016

Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi were meant to team up again for Spider-Man 4. What went wrong? And what would the film have been like?

Spider-Man: James Franco didn’t appear to enjoy the movies

Simon Brew News
Mar 1, 2016

It sounds like James Franco wasn't much of a fan of his time in the Spider-Man trilogy...

Ash Vs Evil Dead episode 10 review: The Dark One

Gabriel Bergmoser Review
Jan 4, 2016

Now its finale has arrived, it's safe to call Ash Vs Evil Dead season 1 a resolute success, largely thanks to its ace characters...

Ash Vs Evil Dead episode 9 review: Bound In Flesh

Gabriel Bergmoser Review
Dec 31, 2015

Up until now, Ash Vs Evil Dead has been a stellar ride. Here's hoping it ends its first season in style...

Ash Vs Evil Dead episode 8 review: Ashes To Ashes

Gabriel Bergmoser Review
Dec 22, 2015

There was plenty of nostalgia for Evil Dead fans in this week's stellar Ash Vs Evil Dead, which went back to where it all began...

Ash Vs Evil Dead episode 7 review: Fire In The Hole

Gabriel Bergmoser Review
Dec 14, 2015

Alongside the fun, gore and violence, Ash Vs Evil Dead's characters are fast becoming its main attraction...

Ash Vs Evil Dead episode 6 review: The Killer Of Killers

Gabriel Bergmoser Review
Dec 7, 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead season 1 is rocketing towards a spectacular ending, with no small thanks to the mighty Bruce Campbell...