Fred Dekker

Exclusive: The Predator: "part noir, part mystery, part Close Encounters"

Ryan Lambie News
May 31, 2016

Shane Black talks to us about his forthcoming Predator movie, which he says will be a scary mix of thriller and Close Encounters...

The Predator: what we know, what we'd like to see

Ryan Lambie Feature
Mar 3, 2016

There's a new Predator movie on the way! We look at what we know, the rumours, speculation - and what we'd like to see...

The Predator confirmed for March 2018 release

Simon Brew News
Feb 29, 2016

Predator 4 - aka The Predator - is given a March 2018 release date. It won't be a remake, either...

The Predator: first teaser image for Predator sequel

Simon Brew News
Feb 16, 2016

Predator 4 looks like it's moving forward, as a teaser image from the new film is posted...

Predator sequel: screenwriter offers update

Ryan Lambie News
Nov 30, 2015

The forthcoming Predator sequel has taken a tiny step closer, as screenwriter Fred Dekker reveals he's "just turned in" the latest draft...

New Predator movie will "reinvent a franchise"

Simon Brew News
Aug 14, 2015

Shane Black's upcoming Predator sequel is "the most entertaining way to reinvent a franchise", says its producer...