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The top 25 John Goodman roles

Robert Keeling Feature
Nov 27, 2015

The mighty John Goodman doesn't get enough love, it seems. We count down 25 of our favourite Goodman roles - King Ralph included....

The James Clayton Column: Can the Coens make me love cats?

James Clayton Feature
Jan 24, 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis leaves James pondering the role of cats in films, and whether the Coens can make him learn to love the furry moggies...

The James Clayton Column: Good reasons to make a movie

James Clayton Feature
Nov 9, 2012

With American diplomats rescued by a CIA-produced fake film in Argo, James thinks of a few other good reasons to make a movie...

10 movie writers to put you off writing

Michael Leader Feature
Jun 1, 2012

Michael counts down ten movie writers whose fates are enough to put anyone off picking up a pen...

Music in the movies: Carter Burwell

Glen Chapman News
Feb 8, 2011

As True Grit shoots its way into cinemas, Glen takes a timely look back at composer Carter Burwell’s collaborations with the Coen brothers...

The James Clayton Column: The Life of the Mind savaged by Predators

James Clayton News
Jul 15, 2010

Do Predators and The Expendables espouse a life of shooting rather than thinking? The answer, James says, can be found in the rantings of John Goodman…

Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Gary Cole as Lumbergh in Office Space
Gaye Birch News
Jun 11, 2009

Gaye cleaves the best geek TV & movies out of the coming week with the Mighty Sword Of Dobber©...