Watch Dogs release window confirmed

Aaron Birch News Feb 11, 2014

Ubisoft has confirmed that the delayed and highly anticipated Watch Dogs will arrive in the first half of the year...

Ubisoft's Uplay service hacked

Aaron Birch News Jul 3, 2013

User names and emails have been pilfered from Ubisoft's Uplay service, so it's time to change those logins again...

UbiSoft plans Watch Dogs, Far Cry and Rabbids movies

Far Cry 3
Simon Brew News Jun 13, 2013

Far Cry, Rabbids and Watch Dogs join the likes of Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon on UbiSoft's movie slate...

E3: Ubisoft press conference

Aaron Birch News Jun 12, 2013

The final big name press conference comes courtesy of Ubisoft, which may have a banner year ahead...

Ubisoft working on Ghost Recon: the movie

Ryan Lambie News Jan 3, 2013

Ubisoft has revealed that the Ghost Recon series is the latest of its videogame series to be developed into a movie...

ZombiU Wii U review

Philip Lickley Review Dec 10, 2012

It's an unusual launch title for Nintendo, but how well does survival horror game ZombiU showcase the Wii U? Philip finds out...

Tom Hardy attached to the lead role in a Splinter Cell movie

Ryan Lambie News Nov 15, 2012

Ubisoft is planning an adaptation of its Splinter Cell series, and Tom Hardy could be in the lead role...

The Assassin's Creed movie: our 5 burning questions

Ryan Lambie Odd List Jul 10, 2012

As news breaks that Michael Fassbender’s to star in an Assassin’s Creed movie adaptation, here are the five questions we’ve been asking ourselves…

Michael Fassbender to star in Assassin’s Creed adaptation

Ryan Lambie News Jul 9, 2012

The great Michael Fassbender will take the lead in an adaptation of Ubisoft’s videogame, Assassin’s Creed, we’ve learned…

Does UbiSoft have too much power over the Assassin's Creed movie?

Glen Chapman News Nov 8, 2011

Could the deal that UbiSoft has struck with Hollywood prevent the Assassin's Creed movie ever getting made?