Peter Jackson Doctor Who discussions "kind of serious"

News Louisa Mellor 10 Dec 2013 - 09:06
Peter Jackson on the set of The Hobbit

Those talks about Peter Jackson going behind the camera on Doctor Who? They might be more than just hot air...

Granted, it's not the firmest statement of intent, but Who fan Peter Jackson saying that discussions about his directing an episode or two of Doctor Who are "actually kind of serious" is encouragement enough for us.

Speaking at The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug European junket, Jackson told journalists, "I would be very happy to. I'd love to try my hand at television, because I've never had the discipline of having to shoot for those impossibly tiny schedules. I think I could do it okay now."

There followed some jokey talk about a potentially New Zealand-set Jackson-directed episode featuring a face-off between the Daleks and the All Blacks.

If all this came to anything, it wouldn't be until series nine, or perhaps even ten, taking into account Jackson's packed Hobbit schedule. We know his fee wouldn't bankrupt the BBC, as he's asked to take his payment in the form of a Dalek. Come on, powers that be, make this so.


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I'll get him a Dalek!

If Peter Jackson and Steven Moffat get together something horrible can happen, maybe an story arc of 12 seasons and 3 VERY LONG movies, something like The Dark Tower of Doctor Who.

Nah, just kidding, I would love to see Jackson directing and writing an episode, I am very excited about the prospect of talented filmmakers coming to the show, like Ben Wheatley.

So Jackson wants to do Doctor Who in return of a Dalek? What is the BBC waiting for?

Doctor Who 2014 xmas special just after the last part of the Hobbit is fully locked down? With Sir Ian back but not just as a voice and maybe Sir Patrick as well - 90 minutes. Please? lol

Moffat & Jackson already did work together on the first Tin Tin movie.

Wheatley's episodes should be great!

Could finally mean there's a good use for the Smarties-coloured fat Daleks! :D

They're not waiting for anything really, just waiting for a gap in Peter Jackson's busy schedule. I don't know what the legalities are for paying him only in a prop, I'm sure he'd at least get average director's wage on top.
I suspect Moffat is already thinking about his episode - it would have to be something special, wouldn't want to let that talent go to waste! An extra-long Christmas special, maybe?
One possible way around his schedule is shooting in New Zealand, and employing the New Zealand film industry. Who knows if the BBC would be willing to do it, but the alternative may be just as hard to do.

With so many talented writers and directors getting involved with Doctor who, they really need to let their potential come through by making two or three parters the norm; as we all know from last season, single, rushed episodes don't work with the high concept ideas that Doctor Who is currently fond of.

2015 maybe. Who knows, it'll take some unusual planning, just slotting in Peter Jackson won't be as easy as any other director, as enthusiastic as he is about it.

And at least that way we'd see some classic cliffhanger endings again

Oh great. Looking forward to an eight hour episode where nothing happens except for the Doctor and a group of companions trudging endlessly across skylines far far away in the distance, enlivened only by an occasional scene of millions of heavily CGI'd farting cybermen... :(

A special episode/s surely? Christmas special, or - if it takes that long - maybe a celebratory special for the 10-year anniversary of Doctor Who being revived in 2005?

Either way, I'm excited!

Get the man his Dalek, and get Jackson on board!! Hopefully he has a break in his schedule sometime in the future and can direct a few episodes or even a Doctor Who movie!

Wow. The world of entertainment must just be one long pain in the face for you.

It will be one story split over three episodes.....hang on a min. Didnt the old dr who do that?

I think he'd be fantastic, just make sure there's a strong editor in the room with him. Or Moff forcing him to cut stuff.

Seems to me location filming for Doctor Who in New Zealand or Australia must be a very attractive idea considering it's perpetual popularity there ,whether it's possible for Peter Jackson to direct or not.If there is any overseas location photography planned for next year,i'd like to think there's a lot of enthusiasm for Australia as a possibility.Still, it would be great to see a story genuinely filmed in Scotland now too,if Doctor Who can be made in America,France,Spain,Canada, Croatia and Holland,it can't be that impossible to make one in Capaldi and Moffats' homeland can it?At least there'd be less difficulty about people in costumes or prosphetics collapsing because of the temperature a la 'The Two Doctors'.

The TINTIN script was brilliant. I tried to write my own adaptation of The Secret Of The Unicorn / Red Rackham's Treasure as a writing exercise years ago, and while the Tintin books seem very cinematic, the stories are actually very difficult to adapt into screenplays. I thought Moffat's decision to include scenes from The Crab With The Golden Claws was inspired, and thinking about it his approach to writing the script was very similar to his approach to writing SHERLOCK: pilfering from the source books to appropriate characters, situations, iconography, etc and then constructing a new narrative with those key materials as a foundation.

Jackson has made other films apart from the Middle Earth movies, you know. Try BRAINDEAD, HEAVENLY CREATURES, FORGOTTEN SILVER and THE FRIGHTENERS for a few films that are very different to his most famous and give a wider sense of his range and talent. If you're feeling really brave, try MEET THE FEEBLES too!

If Doctor Who can go to Italy for Fires of Pompeii and to America for Daleks of Manhattan and Day of the Moon, than why no New Zealand I think.

No he needs to direct an 8th Doctor movie for theatre

Uh daleks in manhattan was not filmed in usa....they. Came here for 11th eppies.....

From memory, they did actually send a small crew to New York for Daleks in Manhatten. I think it was on Confidential, no cast went, it was just cityscapes for sfx composition.

Sorry for the correction, but it says on my Doctor Who fan card that I have to be pedantic.

It's clearly going to happen. I remember when PJ was saying that he wouldn't be doing the hobbit and then it all changed. He's been involved with Doctor Who a bit already; with Moffat for Tintin, with Sylvester for the Hobbit and in Doctor Who - The Five-ish Doctors reboot.

Lol ahhhh scene shots don't count l

Oh god, imagine if they brought him in for the Xmas special, the ratings would be insane

As I live in France, Tintin is an institution here, we all know the stories perfectly. Moffat did a brilliant job with his script ! :)

Along with his talent, Jackson is a MAJOR FAN, so Im sure if/when this happens it will be an awesome episode or season LOL

"The Angels take Manhatten" was shot at least, in part, in NY & parts of "The Impossible Astronaut", etc were shot out west in the US, so why not a field trip to New Zealand? They could do "the Doctor visits Middle Earth"

A Doctor lite episode film in NZ at the end of the filming season; in a kinda sorta middle earth mystical land without using any names so they don't have to go through Warner Bros. Then some of the Wales crews will get a holiday afterward as well! NZ FTW!

Is it bad of me to want Jackson to focus on the Tintin sequel that he's supposed to be directing before turning to Doctor Who?

Don't forget BAD TASTE

The Doctor lands in 1860's New Zealand, the land wars rage on and a mysterious third party is playing both sides off against each other. Controversial setting, it'd be great.

Nope. ;)
Anybody can direct Doctor Who, it's rather a writer series than a director's series to me. long as it isn't 9 days long with dramatic distance shots of people walking.
Dr Who could do with a bit of slowing down sometimes, but only a bit.
The Day of the Doctor had to be watched 3 times for me to pick up most of the nuances, once liners etc. The relevance of the Dick Van Dyke one liner didn't hit until that 3rd viewing either !
It got better with each viewing mind you, and easily sits as an 8/10 for me now ;)
What a wonderful show Dr Who can be....
.......and I can't help but feel Matt Smith may be quietly kicking himself for leaving instead of staying until the completion of an 8th season ( to make him the record holder ) and then simply living a comfortable life on the convention circuit.
A word to the wise for younger actors who are told by American film & TV producers that they'll do great often doesn't work.

Den of Geek. Try Den of Freeks for reporting crap like this.

Heck, Peter Jackson should make a Doctor Who movie, without Moffat's help. Moffat is slowly killing Dr. Who with his non existent writing.

Well, I've been watching since around The Deadly Assassin. And Seasons 5 through the present - the Eleventh Doctor's run - are my favourite era. By a long, long way.

So you can't please everyone, but there's always change. I'm sure there will be a season or three in future which I find disappointing, but you thoroughly enjoy.

Don't be ridiculous. Paul McGann's time came and went. He's DVD extra material these days! Stick to his sleepy, bored audio voice.

Of course they do. It's one of the locations used for the episode. it certainly counts more than stock footage or a matte painting claiming to be NYC.

Nonsense. Compare a Douglas Camfield to a bored BBC drone and the difference is obvious.

I can't blame him for not wanting to fly to London. What are they gonna do, build another TARDIS set down there? Or I suppose he could go all earthbound Pertwee on it and not use it.

Return to Middle Earth: The Desolation of Dalek Caan.

"I got a chunky bit..." Top film!

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