Batman V Superman: Henry Cavill on comic book movie fatigue

Simon Brew News Aug 28, 2015

"People will complain about it all the time", notes Henry Cavill of the continued flood of superhero movies...

How The Dark Knight Returns may inspire DC's movie universe

Rob Leane Feature Aug 25, 2015

Frank Miller’s seminal Batman series has been cited as an influence for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But how?

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - even more new photos

Simon Brew News Jul 30, 2015

Lots more images from Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice have now been released...

Supergirl episode 1 spoiler-free review: Pilot

Mike Cecchini Review Jul 15, 2015

Our US chums caught the Supergirl pilot at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Here's a spoiler-free review...

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer analysis

Mike Cecchini Feature Jul 13, 2015

We've broken down the new Batman V Superman trailer. How much of this did you spot?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: the IMAX trailer

Mike Cecchini Trailer Jul 20, 2015

Update: we've now got a new IMAX trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice...

Supergirl: Ali Adler discusses Superman links

Rob Leane News Jul 9, 2015

Executive Producer Ali Adler has discussed the role of Superman in the upcoming Supergirl series on CBS...

How to fix a failing movie franchise

Simon Brew Feature Jul 8, 2015

Paramount tried a few approaches in the new Terminator reboot. But if a franchise hits the doldrums, how can a studio resurrect it?

Superman: Henry Cavill on another solo movie

Simon Brew News Jul 7, 2015

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is the sequel of sorts to Man Of Steel - but what does Henry Cavill think about another solo adventure?

Zack Snyder defends Man Of Steel ending

Superman: Man Of Steel
Simon Brew News Jul 6, 2015

"You can't just have superheroes knock around and have there be no consequences", says Zack Snyder of his Man Of Steel ending...