Die Hard 5

Decisions disliked by moviegoers that worked

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 13, 2014

Staggered releases, 12A action films, regional coding and more. We might not like them but they work...

Exclusive: the unused adverts of Harrison Ford

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Feature
Feb 19, 2014

What if Harrison Ford's 'approach' to looking interested in the current Sky Movies adverts was used elsewhere...?

A Good Day To Die Hard gets R rating

Simon Brew News
Jan 14, 2013

The days of a PG-13 Die Hard sequel may just have been consigned to the past, thankfully...

Exclusive: new UK posters for A Good Day To Die Hard

Simon Brew Poster
Dec 14, 2012

Hot on the heels of the new US posters, here are two more UK promos for A Good Day To Die Hard...

New footage from A Good Day To Die Hard

Simon Brew News
Dec 3, 2012

Meet Jack McClane, as a new promo piece for Die Hard 5 introduces John McClane's son to the world...

New poster and trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard

Simon Brew Trailer
Oct 26, 2012

Ready for Die Hard 5? Here's a new poster, and a better trailer, for A Good Day To Die Hard...

Die Hard 5: John McClane’s son cast

Jai Courtney
Simon Brew News
Feb 23, 2012

The search is over: we now know who will be playing Bruce Willis’ son in A Good Day To Die Hard…

Die Hard 5: release date and 'interesting' title confirmed

Glen Chapman News
Oct 12, 2011

Die Hard 5 gets a Valentine's Day release. And, er, you're going to love the title of Bruce Willis' next outing as John McClane...

No Lucy McClane in Die Hard 5?

Die Hard 4.0
Simon Brew News
Oct 7, 2011

John McClane is heading back into trouble with Die Hard 5. But it looks like he's not bringing his daughter...