What would happen to a film released with no marketing?

Wil Jones Feature May 12, 2015

Imagine a world where Star Wars: The Force Awakens was just announced, then released. Would you still see it?

The lost art of viewing films cold

Guy Buckland Feature Jan 5, 2015

Are reviews and marketing campaigns playing fair when it comes to spoilers? Why is it news now when a film's plot twist remains a secret?

Letters: female action stars, Kurt Russell in a dress, spoilers

Den Of Geek Feature Aug 15, 2014

Our non-interactive letters page returns, and we're chatting action, oil, fighting and cinema tickets...

Spoiler proofing and script leaks in TV and movies

Mark Harrison Feature Jul 9, 2014

If the script for something you're dying to see leaks online, it's tempting to read it... but you're better off waiting, as Mark explains

Game Of Thrones, spoilers, and good manners

Simon Brew Feature Apr 18, 2014

This week, a major plot twist happened in the Game Of Thrones TV show. It was a moment spoiled for many in advance. But why?

Exploring The Wolverine's post-credits scene

James Hunt Feature Jul 25, 2013

What can The Wolverine's post-credits scene tell us about what might come next? James takes a spoiler-filled look...

What's the expiry date on a spoiler?

Seb Patrick Feature Jun 21, 2013

Is it okay to live tweet the latest episode of Doctor Who? How long do you have to keep quiet about a movie's twist ending?

Does Hollywood really hate spoilers?

The inside of a cinema
Simon Brew Feature May 16, 2013

Does the Hollywood system want spoilers to be protected, or have they become part of the marketing fabric?

Can we have a chat about spoilers?

Simon Brew Feature Oct 19, 2012

Have we become too sensitive about plot spoilers in our reviews? You can voice your opinion here…

Doctor Who - Filming Spoilers

Matt Smith & Karen Gillan
Cameron K News Aug 29, 2009

Spoiler warning as intrepid reporter Cameron finds out the latest from the set on the new series of the world's greatest television show...