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Warner Bros launches another DC Comics adaptation, Global Frequency

Rob Leane News Nov 21, 2014

Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency graphic novel is becoming a Warner Bros TV show…

Sherlock series 4: "expect tragedy", says Mark Gatiss

Rob Leane News Nov 21, 2014

Co-creator of BBC’s Sherlock, Mr Mark Gatiss, has been talking up the tragic air of the show’s next series…

US airdate and teaser arrive for Better Call Saul

Rob Leane News Nov 21, 2014

Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul hits US screens on 8 February. Also, there’s a short new teaser trailer…

Rumour: Are these Marvel’s casting wishlists for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage?

Rob Leane News Nov 20, 2014

A list of names has appeared online pertaining to be the potential actors for Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Luke Cage…

Confirmed: Luther definitely returning to the BBC

Rob Leane News Nov 20, 2014

Idris Elba’s Luther will return in two-part mini-series next year, the BBC have confirmed…

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi discusses future on the show

Rob Leane News Nov 20, 2014

Peter Capaldi intends to remain on Doctor Who "for a while", he confirms.

Gotham episode 9 review: Harvey Dent

Rob Leane Review Nov 19, 2014

We got our first glimpse of Gotham’s coin-flipping mildly-psychotic Harvey Dent this week. Here’s Rob’s review…

The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman discusses return to familiar locations

The Walking Dead
Rob Leane News Nov 19, 2014

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman has been chatting about the show glancing back at its beginnings...

Luther: American remake and potential UK return on the cards

Rob Leane News Nov 19, 2014

Want some more adventures from Detective Chief Inspector John Luther? Well, you're in luck. A remake and maybe a special are coming.

Martin Scorsese and Benicio Del Toro unite for TV’s Cortes

Rob Leane News Nov 19, 2014

Messieurs Scorsese and Del Toro are tackling historical Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes for HBO…

Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman not confirmed for series 9

Jenna Louise Coleman
Rob Leane News Nov 18, 2014

Fans of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, rejoice – he’ll be back for series 9. Still no confirmation for Jenna Coleman though…

From Hell is coming to TV, on FX

Rob Leane News Nov 18, 2014

The Jack The Ripper graphic novel From Hell, previously a Johnny Depp film, is being re-adapted for TV.

New trailer for Broadchurch series 2

Rob Leane News Nov 18, 2014

More David Tennant and Olivia Colman action will reach our screens in January 2015. Here's our first glimpse at Broadchurch series 2...

Sean Bean to star in The Frankenstein Chronicles for ITV

Rob Leane News Nov 18, 2014

Keen to see Sean Bean go toe-to-toe with one of horror's most iconic characters? Look no further than ITV's The Frankenstein Chronicles.

Judge Dredd: Origins – a comic that should be a movie

Rob Leane Feature Nov 18, 2014

Touted as the potential follow-up to the Dredd movie, here’s why Rob thinks Dredd: Origins is prime for a big screen adaptation…

Teaser trailer for Justified season 6 lands online

Rob Leane News Nov 17, 2014

Anticipating the sixth and final season of Justified? You can check out the fiery trailer here…

Glen A Larson dies, aged 77

Rob Leane News Nov 17, 2014

Battlestar and Knight Rider creator Glen A Larson has sadly passed away, at the age of 77.

BBC Four renews Detectorists for second series

Rob Leane News Nov 14, 2014

You haven’t seen the last of Mackenzie Crook’s new comedy Detectorists, the BBC just confirmed more episodes…

41 cancelled Star Wars projects

Rob Leane Odd List Nov 14, 2014

Various Star Wars movies, games and TV shows have been canned over the years. The Force was not strong with these...

Arrow season 3: first look at Katie Cassidy's superhero identity

Rob Leane News Nov 13, 2014

It's been coming for a while, but now you can see Katie Cassidy suit up for Arrow season three...