TV IV Podcast Episode 12: Michael Showalter, Jessica Goldberg, Sean Donnelly & Alessandro Minoli

This month's podcast features discussion and interviews for Search Party, The Path, and Jeff & Some Aliens.

In the latest episode of TV IV, we look at television’s trend of creating covert genre vehicles and inserting style into unexpected places. Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus receives the Spotlight of the Month. Guests include Michael Showalter (Search Party, Wet, Hot, American Summer), Jessica Goldberg (The Path), and Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli (Jeff & Some Aliens).

Michael Showalter, for example, spoke a little bit about the overall atmosphere of his TBS show, Search Party: “We went into it feeling like the tone of the show was that it was going to be a kind of dark comedy, that genuinely creepy but simple plot.

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Search Party Discussion – 6:05

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Michael Showalter Interview – 7:40

The Path Discussion – 27:56

Jessica Goldberg Interview – 29:22

Topic of the Month: Cutting the Bullshit; Embracing Ugly Honesty – 47:05

Jeff & Some Aliens Discussion – 48:28

Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli Interview – 49:33

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Spotlight of the Month: Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep – 1:04:56

Next Month Preview – 1:06:01