Robert Carlyle joins Stargate

Robert Carlyle will not be David Tennant's replacement. Because he's got himself another job...

No time for the Doctor now...

Anyone who’s been putting bets on Robert Carlyle to be the next Doctor Who might want to think about trying to squeeze a refund somewhere along the line. That’s because he’s been confirmed as the lead in the next Stargate television series.

Stargate: Universe follows SG-1 and Atlantis to the small screen, and it follows a team of explorers (featuring scientists, civilians and soldiers) who find themselves stranded in the far reaches of the universe, and unable to get home. They have an old spaceship, Destiny, for company, and the series itself is set in the present day.

Carlyle will play Dr David Rush, the leader of the group, and it won’t be long before he’s called to work. Shooting starts in February, with a two hour movie broadcasting in July, followed by the weekly series after that.

18 December 2008

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