Did Doctor Who Just Tease the New TARDIS?

#WhoSpy is back and dropping some big clues about the 60th anniversary specials… Does the latest photo teaser give us our first look at the new TARDIS console?

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Photo: Bad Wolf/BBC/Disney

That tricksy Doctor Who lot are really putting us through our paces lately – and we bloomin’ love it.

Long before we got the epic 60th anniversary trailer, we had a sneaky clue-packed teaser revealing the three anniversary episode titles, not to mention the even sneakier teaser-about-the-teaser full of cryptic binary code and reversed dialogue. 

The latest drip, drip of 60th anniversary goodies saw the return of #WhoSpy – a series of behind-the-scenes teaser photos that originally ran on the Doctor Who website back in 2005, and hasn’t been seen on social media since the festive special in 2015.

Could This Be The New TARDIS?

Over the weekend, #WhoSpy gave us this latest clue:

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Fans were all quick to jump to very similar conclusions – that this must be the TARDIS console!

Let’s take a look at the clues that backed up this very plausible fan theory…

Gallifreyan Symbols

Many were quick to spot that one of the handles has some distinctly Gallifreyan symbols:

Sonic Screwdriver Similarities

Others noticed that the cracked effect of the surface behind the instruments resembles the 14th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, the design of which was first revealed back in July:

Coral TARDIS Callback

Some fans also pointed out that we’ve seen this crackle effect before in the ninth and tenth Doctors’ TARDIS, known as the Coral-theme interior, which had a distinctive cracked/marble-like effect on the material around the console:

What About *That* Leaked TARDIS Interior?

A few months ago, social media lit up when a video and some images purporting to be taken of the brand-new TARDIS design were posted to Twitter. 

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While some fans were quick to point out these unofficial images could have been an early rendering without the detail of the official photo above, others wondered whether this could mean that there will be a different TARDIS design for the 14th and 15th Doctors.

Other #WhoSpy Highlights

This is the eighth #WhoSpy photo posted so far, and the previous images have also yielded some tasty hints at what’s to come in the anniversary specials:

This “impressive” desk gave us a pre-trailer hint that UNIT was back, but some of the personal items surrounding the computer sent fan theories spiralling, from a pair of sunglasses that look familiar to the Twelfth Doctor’s, to similarities with Osgood and even Martha:

A mysterious-looking passageway with some interesting posters also gave us some intriguing clues:

By far the most exciting of these was the poster for Henriks, which eagle-eyed fans instantly remembered as the name of the department store Rose was working at back in the first episode of Doctor Who’s first series:

Others thought the reference to Glasgow could be another sign of Peter Capaldi’s potential return:

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Other #WhoSpy teasers so far include:

Some mysterious, old-fashioned plans on a board:

A snippet of some cryptic alien language:

A creepy wooden clown carving giving Toymaker vibes:

A very TARDIS-like garden shed which may or may not belong to a certain returning Companion’s grandfather:

Let’s hope the next #WhoSpy clue finally gives us the air dates for the 60th anniversary specials!

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One and Disney+ in November 2023