New poster for The Expendables 2

Stallone, Statham. Schwarzenegger. Willis. Li. Norris. Van Damme. Mayhem. Here’s a new The Expendables 2 poster…

Edging ever closer to cinema screens, but currently biding its time until the raft of comic book heroes have been and gone, is The Expendables 2. The original was a late summer hit for Sylvester Stallone a couple of years back, and he’s re-recruited his gang of action heroes, with a few new additions. He’s also got Simon West, of Con Air vintage, behind the camera. This should be fun.

Anyway, the folks at Cine1 have got hold of a new banner poster for the film, with our fighting chums all cunningly Photoshopped into place. And you can see it right here…


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