Enola Holmes Trailer Teases Case of Missing Mother in Netflix Film

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown is anything but elementary as the gumshoeing sister of a famous detective in the Enola Holmes trailer.

Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes
Photo: Netflix

The full trailer for Enola Holmes has arrived, showcasing a game of a Netflix film that is very much afoot.

Expanding upon the Netflix film’s recent release-date-setting teaser, which was essentially a montage showcase of characters, this clip manages to encapsulate the plot. While clearly depicting characters from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes mythos (controversially, as evidenced by a recent lawsuit), the film is an adaptation of Nancy Springer’s six-book-spanning Enola Holmes series, specifically the first one, 2006’s The Case of the Missing Marquess, and was directed by Harry Bradbeer.

On that note, check out the official trailer for Netflix’s Enola Holmes just below.

“Unlike most well-bred ladies, I was never taught to embroider. I was taught to watch… and listen. I was taught to fight.”

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Indeed, the clip properly introduces Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola, who’s a sharp-but-socially-unrefined young iconoclast in Victorian England; the result of having been raised by a similarly independent mother (Helena Bonham Carter). However, when said mother goes missing, Enola attempts to solve the case. Yet, the rescue endeavor is complicated by Enola’s new guardians in brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin), who—upon an initial infraction of arriving at the train station without a hat and gloves—seem more concerned with ensuring that she becomes prim and proper, much to her chagrin. Consequently, after giving the Holmes brother the slip, Enola goes on an adventure to find her missing mother, utilizing the skills she was taught, none of which happen to be embroidery.

Of course, Enola Holmes keeps headliner Millie Bobby Brown on the very Netflix platform on which she achieved stardom as psychic-powered child Eleven on the streaming giant’s mega-hit series, Stranger Things. The same can be said regarding the presence of Henry Cavill, who happens to star in Netflix’s other mega-hit series, The Witcher, whose role here as Sherlock should delight the fans who not only await that show’s second season, but a seemingly imminent return to the big screen as Superman. However, the series—a co-production of Legendary, Warner Bros., PCMA and EH—was not an in-house project, and only landed on the platform after Netflix won a bidding war for the distribution rights worldwide, save for China. Thus, any Stranger Things/Witcher branding synergy with Enola Holmes’s Netflix platform may not have been by design, but were certainly serendipitous.

Enola Holmes is also a major project for director Harry Bradbeer, for whom television was long his home medium, going back to the mid-1990s, most recently with runs on Hulu comedy Ramy and Phoebe Waller-Bridge shows Fleabag and Killing Eve. Indeed, this is Bradbeer’s first go as a feature director (outside of TV movies), and had him working off a screenplay by Jack Thorne (His Dark Materials) adapting Springer’s novel. 

Nevertheless, the trailer is certain to whet appetites enough to check out Enola Holmes when it premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, September 23.