The War Z Renamed to Avoid Confusion With World War Z

The War Z has changed its official name to 'Infestation: Survivor Stories'...

Hammerpoint Interactive’s The War Z, the PC zombie survival MMO, has changed its official name to Infestation: Survivor Stories.  According to Hammerpoint, “This change has come about primarily as a result of some confusion and trademark issues with a similarly titled property.”

That property is likely World War Z, but could also be Bohemia Interactives DayZ.  Hammerpoint ensures current players will not be affected, and it is just a name change, nothing more.

The War Z‘s official Twitter and Facebook pages have been deleted.

This name change is more than likely also an attempt for rebranding for Hammerpoint, as The War Z received a lot of criticism after its release.

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Source: IGN


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