Jedi Survivor: Where to Find Every Legendary Enemy

You're on your own when it comes to beating Jedi: Survivor's Legendary enemies, but here is where you will find all of them.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Photo: EA

Jedi: Survivor is filled with secrets and optional content that is surprisingly easy to miss. While some of that content will only appeal to completionists, some of the game’s optional content should be pursued by all players who want to see the best of what Survivor has to offer. Survivor‘s collection of Legendary enemies is probably the best example of that arguably necessary “optional” content.

Jedi: Survivor‘s Legendary enemies aren’t just some of the toughest bosses in the game; they’re also the hardest fights to actually find. That being the case, here’s a brief rundown of where to find all of the game’s Legendary enemies.

Beetu Deetu

Head to the Southern Reach Meditation Point on Koboh. Follow the path past the Trontoshell, and you should be attacked by two “boss” droids. They’re basically tougher versions of some of the toughest battle droids in the game, so don’t be surprised if you struggle to beat them.

Interestingly, some players seem to be reporting that they can’t get these droids to spawn at this location. It could just be a glitch, but it’s much more likely that these droids simply don’t spawn until a certain point in the game. Just to be safe, it’s probably best to head back to Koboh after initially discovering this area to try to spawn these bosses. 

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After unlocking BD-1’s electric dart upgrade, head to the Hangar 2046-C Meditation Point on Coruscant. Ride the elevator, walk down the hall, and keep an eye out for the door that can be opened with an electric dart. That should spawn this powerful boss droid. 

Manage to beat D-L1t, and you’ll unlock the ability to hack lesser DT bots. 


Go to Kobo and head to the Bygone Settlement Meditation Point. From here, go to the Untamed Downs area. Once there, look for the nearby ridge. Follow that ridge until you see an opening in a nearby mountain guarded by a green laser shield. Use Merrin’s Charm to pass through the barrier, and you’ll soon find yourself facing off against this droid and its companions. 

You should receive a nice XP Essence bonus after you defeat E3-VE3. 

Frenzied Jotaz

After acquiring the electric dart ability, head back to Coruscant and go to the Undercity Meats area. Remember that door you couldn’t open earlier that something big was banging on? Use the electric dart on that door, and you’ll spawn the Frenzied Jotaz. 

This massive (and colorful) creature can be quite the handful, but you’ll earn some extra XP once you take it down. 

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Golden Skriton

Go to Jedha and head to the Anchorite Base Meditation Point. Head through the Desert Ridge area and look for the valley with a bunch of flying monsters in it (it should be in the leftmost part of the area). You’ll eventually encounter this enemy by walking through that valley. 

While you don’t directly get a reward for defeating the Golden Skriton, you will be able to loot the nearby Unflinching Perk once he is defeated. 

Gorocco Matriarch

This one is a bit tricky. 

Head to Koboh and go to the Derelict Damn. Take the path to the right from the nearby Meditation Point and look for a breakable wall. You’ll need to backtrack slightly from here by running across the nearby wall and looking for a roller mine. Get it to lock on to you and drag it back to the breakable wall. 

Throw the mine at the breakable wall, destroy it, and climb up the nearby rope you just unlocked. Walk along the ledge, lift up the door you eventually come across, and head through it to spawn this enemy. 

The Massiff

Once you gain the Lift and Slam Force abilities, go to Koboh and head to the Yurt Barracks. Lift the nearby door when prompted to do so, walk through the door, and you’ll soon be greeted by the Massiff. 

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The Massiff is a very aggressive enemy, so you’ll want to be ready as soon as it spawns. With a little patience, you should be able to defeat it and claim some extra XP for your trouble. 

The Mire Terror

Once you’ve gained the Lift and Slam Force abilities, travel to Koboh and go to the Gorge Crash Site Meditation Point. Near this area, you’ll see a massive gate that you couldn’t get through near the start of the game. Open that gate and head inside. 

Use the elevator this path leads you to, and you’ll eventually find some stone pillars. Raise the pillars, head across, and walk along the path you just accessed. You’ll eventually run into the Mire Terror. Defeat it, and you’ll acquire an extra Stim. 


One of the earliest Legendary enemies you’ll come across, the Rancor can first be fought as part of the Missing Prospectors quest on Koboh.

Head through the mines that the quest leads you to, and you’ll eventually reach a Meditation Point. The Rancor is in the cavern right past that Meditation Point. He’s pretty tough early on, so consider coming back here a little later.

Spawn of Oggdo

While on Koboh, go to Fort Kah’Lin (its through the Untamed Downs area near the Jedi Temple). At the camp, look for some towers that you can grapple up to. Climb the towers and head towards the large open area. Drop down into that area, and you’ll soon find yourself facing off against the Spawn of Oggdo. 

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This isn’t one of the tougher Legendary fights in the game, but Oggdo can overwhelm you if you’re not mindful of its attacks., Regardless, manage to defeat the creature and you’ll find a chest with Cal’s old Poncho inside. 

Sutaban Alpha

While on Jedha, go to the Crypt of Uhrma Meditation Point. Walk up the nearby stairs, dash across the chasm onto the nearby platform. Enter the nearby crypt, and you’ll spot some pillar-like switch objects on a nearby wall that you can push and pull. As you probably guessed, these objects are part of a puzzle, and you’ll need to pull the right ones out to solve it. Here’s the solution to the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle:

  1. Pull the uppermost left switch and the uppermost right switch from the top row of switches. 
  2. Of the four switches on the bottom row, pull the two in the middle leaving the left and right-most switches pushed in. 

Enter the new area, dash through the green laser wall, and you’ll eventually encounter this boss. Defeat him, and you’ll unlock the Gambler Perk, which grants a universal increase to the XP you gain but prevents you from being able to immediately recover lost XP after you’ve died. 

Urgost, Fist of Rayvis

You can’t really miss this boss. You should automatically encounter him on Koboh in the Observatory Understructure area as part of the main quest. 

Vile Bilemaw

After the final boss fight against Dagan Gara, head to Pyloon’s Saloon and talk to Mosey. She’ll tell you a rumor about a deadly Bilemaw. From there, go to the Fogged Expanse area. Once there, head along the path and look for a kind of mudslide area that you can slide down. 

At the bottom of that slide, you’ll find and fight the Vile Bilemaw. Be sure to watch out for its…err…vomit attack. 

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