Fall Guys Mobile Announced Ahead of Season 2 Update

Fall Guys mobile is coming to China, but could the game's Season 2 update bring news of other ports?

Fall Guys
Photo: Devolver Digital

Wildly succesfull battle royale party game Fall Guys is finally being ported to mobile devices, but (at least for the moment) will only be available in China.

This news comes from industry reporter Daniel Ahmad who stated that Bilibili (a China-based game and entertainment company) has acquired the rights to publish a mobile version of Fall Guys in China. A Google translation of the Bilibili website reveals that they describe themselves as the “exclusive agent” of a mobile adaptation of Fall Guys called Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout.

The name may set off your scam alarms, but the Chinese versions of Fall Guys available for PC and PS4 utilize a similar naming convention. While outlets have reached out to Fall Guys developer Mediatonic for confirmation regarding the authenticity of this upcoming port, but they do not seem to have released an official statement regarding this matter as of the time of this writing.

Everything about this report does sound official, but the timing of the announcement is a bit odd. Five days ago, the Fall Guys social media team sent out this tweet which clearly explained that there is no mobile version of Fall Guys and that any advertisements which claim to offer just that are likely scams.

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So what’s the deal here? Well,it’s important to remember that the mobile scene in China has long existed in its own universe. By that, we mean that the mobile game scene in China is so popular that it’s not uncommon for games (especially mobile adaptations of console and PC titles) to exclusively be available in that region (at least for a time). As such, it’s entirely possible that the Fall Guys team essentially felt that the deal “didn’t count” in regards to their message. In any case, the message they sent was valid when they sent it.

It’s also possible that this deal was made by Fall Guys publisher Devolver Digital either fairly recently or without the full knowledge of the development team. That last idea feels a bit unlikely given the nature of these deals, but you can’t entirely rule out the possibility.

While this news may come as a disappointment to millions of Fall Guys players hoping for a mobile version of the game, you should keep in mind that Fall Guys Season 2 is set to be revealed next week. We don’t know what the game’s second season will include, but it’s certainly not unreasonable to suggest that the battle royale party game could soon be coming to mobile devices and perhaps even Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.