Diablo 4 World Bosses: Spawn Times, Locations, and How to Track Them

Diablo 4's World Bosses are tough, but the real challenge is figuring out where they spawn and at what time.

Diablo 4 World Boss
Photo: Activision Blizzard

Diablo 4‘s World Bosses are one of the game’s most traditional MMORPG elements. These massive enemies can only be defeated by groups of players who must cooperate and coordinate to take them down and take them on. They’re some of the game’s most rewarding challenges, but figuring out when and where these bosses spawn has actually been the bigger challenge so far.

The bad news is that there is no easy way to quickly tell when and where a Diablo 4 World Boss will appear. Future updates may address that issue, but it’s definitely an issue at the moment. However, there are a few things you can do to greatly improve your odds of fighting World Bosses whenever and wherever they spawn next. Here’s what you need to know about that.

How Many World Bosses Are In Diablo 4?

There are three known World Bosses in Diablo 4 at this time:

Ashava the Pestilent

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Avarice, the Gold Cursed

Wandering Death, Death Given Life

There are some other unique enemies that spawn in Diablo 4‘s world, but they’re not considered World Bosses. Unlike World Bosses, those unique enemies can be defeated by solo players. They also drop specific pieces of gear rather than the loot pools that World Bosses drop when they are defeated.

Speaking of which…

What Loot Do You Get From Diablo 4 World Bosses?

Like most enemies in Diablo 4, the World Bosses have randomized loot pools. That is to say that World Bosses are not guaranteed to drop a specific item or specific set of items.

However, I will say that it seems like you are guaranteed to get at least one Legendary item from a World Boss. In fact, I’ve seen World Bosses drop up to five Legendary items after they’ve been killed. You can’t expect that kind of loot luck every time, but it is possible.

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Furthermore, it does seem like your World Tier affects your loot drops on World Bosses. That is to say that those playing on World Tier 3 and 4 now have a chance to receive Unique, Sacred, and Ancestral items from bosses. However, it doesn’t seem like there is a guaranteed chance for any of those items to drop. Those on World Tier 1 and 2 are still limited to their usual loot pools.

Also, please note that the loot system could be changed in future updates, especially once the Battle Pass is released. At the moment, though, loot appears to be largely random.

When Can You Fight World Bosses in Diablo 4?

Before you fight Diablo 4’s World Bosses, it’s highly recommended that you complete the game’s campaign. That will not only give you the skills and gear you’ll probably need during the fight itself but it will allow you to access a couple of other advantages. Most notably, beating the campaign will allow you to see a notification that informs you when the World Boss will spawn and will allow you to spawn the boss itself. 

It has been reported that you are technically able to fight a World Boss before you complete the Diablo 4 campaign. To do so, though, you need to be standing in the Boss’ spawn area at the time it appears. However, it seems that you may not be able to spawn the boss yourself at this point in the game and need to be standing near other, eligible players to get the boss to appear. Furthermore, you will not receive a notification that a World Boss is about to spawn until you’ve beaten the campaign. All things considered, it’s highly recommended that you simply beat the campaign before trying to fight the boss to avoid some logistical headaches. 

How Do You See a Notification When a Diablo 4 World Boss Appears?

You will receive an on-screen notification that a Diablo 4 World Boss is about to spawn 30 minutes before the spawn occurs. In order to receive that notification, you need to be in the same region as the World Boss’ next spawn point.

Even if you’re not in the same region as the World Boss, you will still be able to spot their spawn point notification on the world map if you happen to be looking at it. Here’s what that notification/icon looks like:

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Diablo 4 World Boss notification

As noted above, though, you need to complete the campaign before you see these notifications. Otherwise, you will only see the notification if you are standing at the Boss’ spawn point during their spawn time period. It’s another reason why it’s advised to complete the campaign before you go after World Bosses. 

Diablo 4 World Boss Spawn Times

Blizzard has not published the official Diablo 4 World Boss spawn times as of the time of this writing. However, players have been gathering and sharing data in order to try to figure out exactly when those bosses appear. 

Based on that information, it appears that Diablo 4’s world bosses spawn roughly every five to six hours. While I would love to give you an exact spawn time for every boss, that doesn’t seem possible. The World Boss available in the Diablo 4 beta followed an exact spawn schedule, but the World Bosses in the retail version of the game seem to appear based on a “spawn window.” Among other things, that spawn window seems to be based on when the last World Boss died rather than when it spawned. As such, World Bosses don’t always spawn on the hour. One might spawn at 6 a.m. and the other might spawn at 12:10 p.m.

So how do you keep up with World Boss spawn times? Well, if you find a World Boss, you can probably safely expect the next one to appear in about five to six hours on average from there. For instance, Ashava spawned at around 1 a.m. this morning. Wandering Death, Death Given Life then spawned at around 6:30 a.m. That means that Avarice, the Gold Cursed should spawn at around 11:30-12:30 a.m. 

One of the best ways to keep track of when a World Boss will spawn is to use this World Boss tracker website. It’s based on player reports of World Boss spawns. You might miss the most recent World Boss spawn, but this system will at least help ensure that you’re ready to go for the next one. 

It also appears that Diablo 4’s World Bosses work off a rotating schedule. In other words, each World Boss doesn’t have its own spawn time. While World Bosses don’t appear to drop loot unique to them, anyone who really likes fighting a particular World Boss should know that the order appears to be Ashava the Pestilent, Wandering Death, Death Given Life, Avarice, the Gold Cursed, and so on in that order. 

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Diablo 4 World Boss Spawn Locations

There are five locations a Diablo 4 World Boss can spawn in. These locations are basically isolated arena areas that sever no other real purpose besides hosting the World Boss fight. 

While the game suggests that each World Boss can spawn in each location, that doesn’t actually seem to be the case. Here is where each World Boss typically spawns:

Ashava the Pestilent – The Crucible (Fractured Peaks)

Wandering Death, Death Given Life – Saraan Caldera (Dry Steppes), Caen Adar (Scosglen)

Avarice, the Gold Cursed – Fields of Desecration (Hawezar), Seared Basin (Kehjistan)

If it is possible for one of those bosses to spawn outside of those locations, such an incident hasn’t been verified. As such, knowing the current World Boss rotation can allow you to get the jump on where a World Boss might appear next.

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Also, here are the five known World Boss locations in case you’re trying to spot them on your map

The Crucible (Fractured Peaks)

Diablo 4 World Boss Spawn Location The Crucible (Fractured Peaks)

Caen Adar (Scosglen)

Diablo 4 World Boss Spawn Location Caen Adar (Scosglen)

Saraan Caldera (Dry Steppes)

Diablo 4 World Boss Spawn Location Saraan Caldera (Dry Steppes)

Seared Basin (Kehjistan)

Diablo 4 World Boss Spawn Location Seared Basin (Kehjistan)

Fields of Desecration (Hawezar)

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Diablo 4 World Boss Spawn Location Fields of Desecration (Hawezar)