Diablo 4 Legendary Gear Farming: Best Spots and Methods

Trying to acquire Legendary gear in Diablo 4 can often feel like a frustratingly random process. However, there are a few ways to farm those valuable items.

Diablo 4
Photo: Activision Blizzard

Like every Diablo game before it, acquiring Legendary gear is a big part of the Diablo 4 experience. Of course, like every Diablo game before it, there is no guaranteed way to consistently acquire Legendary gear (or better) in Diablo 4. While there are some Campaign events that will always reward you with Legendary items, they can not be repeated.

However, there are some ways that you can greatly increase your odds of acquiring multiple pieces of Legendary gear in a relatively short amount of time. While it seems that the Diablo 4 team is trying to crack down on some of these farming methods, there are still numerous, fairly reliable ways to greatly increase your odds of acquiring some of the best gear in the game.

With that in mind, here’s a better look at some of the best Legendary farming spots and methods in Diablo 4.

Kyovashad Cellar Farm

Cellars are a unique and often overlooked way to farm Legendary items in Diablo 4

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“Cellars” is the general term for those trap door icon areas you’ll find across Diablo 4’s open world. They’re basically one-room dungeons that contain a large number of enemies and occasional quests. Their limited nature often makes them less appealing than dungeons for farming. Most of the time, they are indeed less efficient than dungeons for farming.

However, Cellars can occasionally be incredibly rewarding. For instance, there is a very rare chance of entering a cellar and having up to three Treasure Goblins spawn inside (at World Tier 3 or higher). Because the Goblins have nowhere to run (and because their loot drop chances are incredibly high) these events will almost always reward you with multiple Legendary items. Even when you’re not that lucky, a properly placed Cellar can easily be part of a larger farm strategy. 

For instance, just outside of Kyovashad, there is a cellar next to a World Event location. You probably ran into this spot very early in the game, but here it is on the map for reference:

Diablo 4 Cellar Farm Location

By running that Cellar and the World Event right next to it over and over again, you have a very good chance of acquiring multiple pieces of Legendary gear. At worst, you’ll earn a lot of lesser gear and the Murmuring Obols needed to gamble for items from the Curiosity Vendor. For more information on how to reset the Cellar and the World Event, be sure to check out this guide.

While this is one of the best-known farming spots in the game of this kind, this trick isn’t limited to this location. If you find a Cellar in close proximity to a World Event and portal, you can loop through those areas over and over again to acquire a ton of extra gear. 

Anica’s Claim

Early into the Diablo 4 betas, players discovered that Anica’s Claim was one of the best dungeons for Legendary farming. It still is in the retail version of the game. However, the Diablo 4 experience reveals that the things that make Anica’s Claim a great Legendary farm spot are not unique to Anica’s Claim.

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First off, you can find the Anica’s Claim dungeon in Fractured Peaks east of Kyovashad. Here it is on the map:

Diablo 4 Anica's Claim Map Location

Please note that you’ll have to clear the nearby Malnok Stronghold event to access this dungeon. From there, though, this dungeon’s loop design makes it very easy to quickly navigate/clear. More importantly, it’s an “Animus” dungeon, which means it’s always filled with Elite enemies that have a higher chance of dropping Legendary gear. 

If you ever find another dungeon that requires you to collect Animus from Aniums Carriers, make a note of it. These dungeons are always filled with an increased number of guaranteed Elite enemies. Some are structured better than others for the purposes of farming, but all of them are top-tier farming spots. 

Maugan’s Works (and other “Glitched” Dungeons)

Before very recently, Maugan’s Works was one of the absolute best dungeons to farm for Legendary gear in Diablo 4. However, that dungeon was recently nerfed to prevent an issue that was causing Elite enemies in that area to spawn at a “higher frequency than expected.” Bummer. 

There is a lesson to be learned in this nerf, though. While the Diablo 4 team seems to be targeting dungeons that spawn too many Elite enemies, it sounds like this is a bug they may always be chasing. As such, if you find a dungeon that seems to be producing an unusual number of Elite enemies, try running it again. Find one of those dungeons before it is fixed, and you could easily earn a ton of Legendary loot before the patches roll in.

Radiance Field Cemetery World Event

Near Kyovashad, there is an area called Radiance Field Cemetery. Here it is on the world map:

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Radiance Field Cemetery Location Diablo 4

There, you will often find a simple “Hold Your Ground” event that requires you to kill waves of incoming enemies. This event is quick, close to a major town (and Dungeon), and thus can be reset pretty quickly. It’s certainly one of the best places to farm some early Legendary gear (or Murmuring Obols) if you need some pieces between Levels 20-35 or so. 

Generally speaking, it’s not a bad idea to farm World Events when possible (as mentioned above). However, if you can find a consistent Hold Your Ground event, those tend to be the quickest and most painless for Legendary farming purposes.

Fields of Hatred and Treasure Goblins

Fields of Hatred are some of the most fascinating farming locations in Diablo 4. On paper, they’re just PvP zones, which means that they should really only appeal to PvP players. However, you can enter these zones and simply disable PvP if you just want to explore them. As it turns out, you might want to do just that if you’re looking to farm Legendary loot. 

Early tests suggest that an unusually high number of Elite enemies regularly spawn in Fields of Hatred areas. So, even though they are open-world environments, a simple loop in these areas will tend to result in encounters against Elite enemies. You can even find packs of Elite enemies from time to time if you get really lucky.

More importantly, some players are reporting that you have a much higher chance of encountering a Treasure Goblin in these areas. While there are no official numbers to back that up, I can say that I encountered multiple Treasure Goblins in Fields of Hatred in both the Review and Retail versions of the game. I would go so far as to say that I saw more Treasure Goblins in those areas than I did in the rest of the game’s areas combined. In any case, disabling PvP and touring the Fields of Hatred seems to be a decent farming strategy.

Helltide Events

Finally, anyone who has reached Diablo 4’s endgame (or enabled World Tier 3) will want to spend as much time as possible farming Helltide events. 

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Once you enable World Tier 3, you’ll notice that “Helltide” areas will start spawning on the map. Helltides are only active for 60 minutes, and you’ll want to enter a Helltide area as soon as it becomes available and stay there until it ends. 

Why? Well, enemies in the Helltide area can drop items called Aberrant Cinders. These items can then be turned into Tortured Chests found in Helltide areas. Each chest requires a different number of Aberrant Cinder, and each chest will reward you with certain types of gear. For instance, one Tortured Chest may reward you with Gauntlets while another is guaranteed to give you an Amulet. 

While there is no guarantee that you will receive a Legendary or better item from these chests, the spawn rate for such items appears to be absurdly high. In fact, you will often get multiple Legendary or better items from each of these chests. The trick is to get as many Aberrant Cinders from these areas as possible before the Helltide ends. 

So far as that goes, you’ll want to focus on completing World Events in Helltide areas. While these events tend to be very difficult compared to similar content at this point in the game, they will reward you with a ton of Cinders and, more often than not, additional Legendary loot. By completing a few of these events (and a handful of activities along the way), you should have enough Cinders to open a few Tortured Chests. Unless your luck is terrible, those chests should reward you with multiple Legendary items. Rinse, repeat, and enjoy.