South Park

VGX 2013 Highlights

Aaron Birch News Dec 8, 2013

Spike's re-branded game awards, VGX, aired this weekend, and here are some of the best trailers...

Christopher Nolan unlocks South Park & Friday The 13th films

Simon Brew News Jun 6, 2013

Paramount picks up the rights for new Friday The 13th and South Park movies, in exchange for a slice of Christopher Nolan's next film...

The top 10 ballsiest South Park episodes

Paul Martinovic Top 10 Apr 25, 2012

Join us in a look at the 10 most offensive episodes in South Park's 15-year history. Is a warning even necessary?

Celebrating 15 years of South Park

Paul Martinovic News Apr 24, 2012

Paul celebrates fifteen years of South Park (yes, you are that old), and looks at why it's worked so well, and for so long...

American animation and mainstream cinema

Ryan Lambie News Mar 5, 2012

With so much of US animation aimed at children in the past, is it possible, Ryan wonders, that attitudes are gradually changing…?

South Park: Cartman’s 10 most evil moments

News Jul 24, 2011

He's possibly one of the most loveably nasty characters in TV, and South Park wouldn't be the same without Eric Cartman. Here's James' pick of his most evil moments...

Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

News May 12, 2011

Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who episode, Caprica finishing off its run in the UK, and South Park season 15 kicks off. Plus an animated feature worth checking out...

Don Hahn interview: Beauty And The Beast, Howard Ashman, The Lion King, South Park and Frankenweenie

Simon Brew Interview Nov 3, 2010

Producer Don Hahn looks back at Beauty And The Beast, and chats to us about The Lion King, Tim Burton, the genius of Howard Ashman, and a whole lot more.

South Park season 1 episode 13 review

Review Jan 15, 2010

Our look back at South Park's first season arrives at its finale. And it's all about Cartman's mom...

South Park season 1 episode 12 review

Review Jan 13, 2010

We're nearing the end of South Park season one, as the gang meet up with Barbra Streisand...