Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gets a launch date

Aaron Birch News Mar 4, 2015

The latest Metal Gear Solid outing, The Phantom Pain, finally has a release date...

Why the PlayStation Vita is an underrated handheld

Jake Laverde Feature Mar 2, 2015

Sony's Vita may not have been the storming success it had hoped, but it's full of games waiting to be discovered, as Jake explains...

Games nobody talks about anymore: 1987’s Metal Gear

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 21, 2015

Before the seminal PlayStation version, there was Metal Gear - Hideo Kojima’s stealth game for the MSX2 computer...

Jordan Vogt-Roberts linked with directing Metal Gear Solid

Simon Brew News Jun 4, 2014

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts may go from The Kings Of Summer to Metal Gear Solid: The Movie...

Exclusive: Avi Arad on Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted movies

Simon Brew News Apr 11, 2014

The producer of the Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted movies gives us a brief update on their status...

Avi Arad on Uncharted, Metal Gear and Mass Effect movies

Glen Chapman News Sep 2, 2013

Producer Avi Arad has been talking about bringing three videogame franchises to the big screen...

Hideo Kojima seeks Metal Gear Solid remake

Aaron Birch News Jun 26, 2013

The original PS1 outing of Metal Gear Solid could be remade once more if Kojima gets his way...

35 of videogaming's most memorable soundtracks

Aaron Birch Feature May 13, 2013

From the Commodore 64 to the modern day, check out 35 of videogaming's best ever soundtracks (and listen to them here...)

The lesser-known videogames of famous designers

Ryan Lambie Odd List May 14, 2013

From Pac-Man's Toru Iwatani to Gears Of War's Cliff Blezinski, here are some lesser-known games from some famous names...

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection announced

Aaron Birch News Apr 23, 2013

Metal Gear's 25th anniversary is to be celebrated with a bumper collection for PS3...