Back To The Future

Felicia Day Interview: gaming, geekiness and Babe

Dana Schwartz Interview Oct 6, 2015

From Gamergate threats to her new autobiography, we chat to Felicia Day about being weird on the internet...

Robert Zemeckis interview: The Walk, modern filmmaking

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We chatted to Robert Zemeckis about his dizzying new film, The Walk, and the job of a movie director…

The Back To The Future game you've probably never played

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Movie classic Back To The Future hasn't been treated well in gaming, but there's one gem worth seeking out...

Back To The Future: 30th anniversary box sets missing 4 discs in UK

Ryan Lambie News Aug 11, 2015

UPDATE: The UK version of the limited edition Back To The Future 30th anniversary boxset will not include the full animated series. Sigh.

Peyton Reed interview: Ant-Man, Marvel, Back To The Future

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We chatted to Peyton Reed about Marvel’s tiny blockbuster Ant-Man, and also a little about Back To The Future…

Back To The Future: 25 things we found in this 1990 book

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As Back To The Future celebrates its 30th anniversary, we delve into a 25-year-old making-of book. Here are the geeky things we found...

A Back To The Future remake "can't happen" says Robert Zemeckis

News Jun 30, 2015

Fearful of a Back To The Future remake? "That can't happen until Bob and I are dead," says director Robert Zemeckis...

14 brilliant pieces of fan-made movie and TV merchandise

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Our favourites? A Dr Ian Malcolm pocket, a Captain America costume for hamsters, Exorcist character magnets and, well, Total Recall...

Hadley Freeman interview: 80s movies, Eddie Murphy, Lucas

Simon Brew Interview Jun 4, 2015

Heathers, John Hughes, Back To The Future, Nora Ephron, Coming To America and more, as we chat 80s movies with Hadley Freeman...

10 80s film scenes as seen in their tie-in videogames

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What did Ripley's fight with the alien queen look like in the arcades? Or Arnie's confrontation with an 8-bit Predator? Ryan takes a look...