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Confused Views: Shock and Awful

Willam Dafoe in Antichrist.
Matt Edwards News Jul 29, 2009

Matt's writing about fluffy puppies this week. Only joking, helmet and full protective gear needed as usual...

Confused Views: Malicious pin dropping

Matt Edwards News Jul 23, 2009

As he ponders buying Watchmen, Matt considers a world where films are rolled out time and time again on DVD. This world, in fact...

Confused Views: Catch the f#@!ing pigeon!

Marley & Me
Matt Edwards News Jul 16, 2009

Bizarrely, the film Marley & Me gets Matt out of a rage. And then he starts thinking about a Dastardly and Muttley movie...

Confused Views: It’s great that we’re breeding!

Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino
Matt Edwards News Jul 8, 2009

Matt's been watching The Sopranos and Gran Torino, but finds time to offer his views on Gavin and Stacey too. They're not favourable...

Confused Views: Strictly for chump-core

Matt Edwards News Jul 2, 2009

Matt looks back on the carcasses of Wolverine, Transformers 2 and Terminator Salvation. What's becoming of modern-day audiences, he wonders...?

Confused Views: Dyer Dyer pants on fire

Danny Dyer
Matt Edwards News Jun 25, 2009

Could Mr. Danny Dyer be the solution to the cinematic summer malaise of 2010...

Confused Views: The Bloscars

Mickey Rourke as The Wrestler
Matt Edwards News Jun 11, 2009

Matt's latest column finally sees him catching him on some of the Oscar season movies, courtesy of Blockbuster Video...

Confused Views: Beat me up, Scotty! 

Matt Edwards News Jun 4, 2009

Matt Edwards ponders the changing face of Star Trek fans, and then goes off to see Fighting instead...

Stewart Lee: What Would Judas Do? CD review

Stewart Lee: What Would Judas Do?
Matt Edwards Review May 8, 2009

One of the country's finest comedy talents, Mr Stewart Lee, delivers another outstanding show...

Confused Reviews: Home Alone - The Blu-ray Experience

Home Alone
Matt Edwards Review Mar 12, 2009

Matt's back with another of his confused reviews - and this time, it's Home Alone in high definition...

Confused Reviews: The Transporter

Jason Statham in The Transporter
Matt Edwards Review Mar 9, 2009

Jason Statham and The Transporter come under the confused eye of Matt Edwards...

Quarantine DVD review

Matt Edwards Review Mar 9, 2009

The US remake of the impressive [REC] makes it to arguably its natural home, DVD. But is it any good?

Confused Reviews: Clerks

Kevin Smith's Clerks
Matt Edwards Review Mar 5, 2009

Matt once again lends his unique reviewing approach to another film. And this time, it's Kevin Smith's Clerks...

Confused Reviews: Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia
Matt Edwards Review Mar 2, 2009

By popular demand, Matt has brought his very confused reviews back. And he's started with Mamma Mia...

Foot Fist Way DVD review

Foot Fist Way.
Matt Edwards Review Jan 26, 2009

Better than the trailers suggest, but still far from perfect, Matt's been learning the Foot Fist Way...

Richard Herring: Oh F*ck, I’m 40! DVD review

Richard Herring on DVD
Matt Edwards Review Jan 6, 2009

A terrific stand-up DVD, backed up with an excellent extras package. Blimey.

Strip Nude for Your Killer DVD review

Strip Nude For Your Killer
Matt Edwards Review Dec 2, 2008

It's not for everyone, but Matt finds much to admire in this 1970s Italian giallo movie...

Is this the truth about The Terminator?

The Terminator
Matt Edwards News Nov 27, 2008

Was The Terminator just a man with obsessive compulsive disorder, wonders Matt?

Russell Brand: Ponderland DVD Review

Matt Edwards Review Oct 27, 2008

The controversy-courting comic re-establishes his rock-solid comedy credentials in this six-episode DVD release…

10 ways Saw V might end

Saw V. Sigh.
Matt Edwards News Oct 15, 2008

Matt had no intention of ever seeing a Saw movie again. Until the Saw 5 slogan 'You Won't Believe How It Ends' set him thinking...