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Quarantine DVD review

Matt Edwards Review Mar 9, 2009

The US remake of the impressive [REC] makes it to arguably its natural home, DVD. But is it any good?

Confused Reviews: Clerks

Kevin Smith's Clerks
Matt Edwards Review Mar 5, 2009

Matt once again lends his unique reviewing approach to another film. And this time, it's Kevin Smith's Clerks...

Confused Reviews: Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia
Matt Edwards Review Mar 2, 2009

By popular demand, Matt has brought his very confused reviews back. And he's started with Mamma Mia...

Foot Fist Way DVD review

Foot Fist Way.
Matt Edwards Review Jan 26, 2009

Better than the trailers suggest, but still far from perfect, Matt's been learning the Foot Fist Way...

Richard Herring: Oh F*ck, I’m 40! DVD review

Richard Herring on DVD
Matt Edwards Review Jan 6, 2009

A terrific stand-up DVD, backed up with an excellent extras package. Blimey.

Strip Nude for Your Killer DVD review

Strip Nude For Your Killer
Matt Edwards Review Dec 2, 2008

It's not for everyone, but Matt finds much to admire in this 1970s Italian giallo movie...

Is this the truth about The Terminator?

The Terminator
Matt Edwards News Nov 27, 2008

Was The Terminator just a man with obsessive compulsive disorder, wonders Matt?

Russell Brand: Ponderland DVD Review

Matt Edwards Review Oct 27, 2008

The controversy-courting comic re-establishes his rock-solid comedy credentials in this six-episode DVD release…

10 ways Saw V might end

Saw V. Sigh.
Matt Edwards News Oct 15, 2008

Matt had no intention of ever seeing a Saw movie again. Until the Saw 5 slogan 'You Won't Believe How It Ends' set him thinking...

Zombies Zombies Zombies DVD review

Matt Edwards Review Oct 10, 2008

Matt ushers in a new star-rating to Den Of Geek with this low-budget strippersploitation zombie movie…

South Park season 11 DVD review

Oh no they etc.
Matt Edwards Review Aug 28, 2008

Season 11 finds the residents of South Park in exceptional form, with there being a case for the finest episode of the show ever within...

10 direct to DVD sequels we'd love to see

The genius himself: Steven Seagal
Matt Edwards News Aug 21, 2008

If we're going to have to tolerate direct to DVD sequels, can we have some like this little lot please?

Donkey Punch review

Donkey Punch
Matt Edwards Review Jul 22, 2008

Matt Edwards says that despite the controversy, Donkey Punch is actually just really dull.

10 Things To Keep You Busy Until The Dark Knight Comes Out

Don't try this at home. Go out instead. That's where the crime's going on...
Matt Edwards News Jul 9, 2008

The wait for The Dark Knight can jangle a Bat-fan's nerves something chronic. Here are some ways to channel all that bat-energy...

The Cars That Ate Paris DVD review

The Cars That Ate Paris on DVD
Matt Edwards Review Jun 26, 2008

Matt's a bit disappointed that there aren't any man-eating cars in this movie, but he liked it nonetheless

Snuff Box DVD review

Snuff Box: out now on DVD. Oh yes.
Matt Edwards Review Jun 17, 2008

Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher join forces for a mix of sitcom and sketch show. But is it worth getting on DVD?

Let's guess the twist in The Happening!

The Happening: out on Friday 13th. Spooky.
Matt Edwards News Jun 9, 2008

M Night Shyamalan has a new movie out next week. Matt Edwards puts forward his early theories for what the twist could be...

How to improve cinemas in one simple step

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Matt Edwards News Jun 6, 2008

Matt has a new idea that will fix the problem with modern cinemas once and for all. And, y'know, it might just work...

Matt's Confused Reviews: The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project, Matt Edwards style...
Matt Edwards Review Jun 3, 2008

Er, Matt might just have got the wrong end of the stick again, as he offers his own unique take on The Blair Witch Project...

Matt's Confused Reviews: Saw

I say, did you see Saw, you saucy so-and-so?
Matt Edwards Review May 28, 2008

You have exactly thirty seconds to spot all the errors in Matt's take on a torture-porn classic...