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Confused Views: the problem with movie trailers

Matt Edwards Trailer
Jun 10, 2010

Matt’s sick of having movies ruined for him by trailers that reveal too much. But can a trailer change his mind about the films he’s already dismissed?

Bikini Girls On Ice DVD Review

Matt Edwards Review
Jun 6, 2010

Matt reviews the low budget horror movie Bikini Girls On Ice. Does its content live up to the greatness of its title?

Confused Views: War is Hell

Matt Edwards News
Jun 2, 2010

With [REC] 2 featuring a gun-toting SWAT team, Matt Edwards attempts to cram military personnel in a few sequels of his own devising

Confused Views: Confessions of a cinema snack eater

Matt Edwards News
May 19, 2010

Matt Edwards has a few words to say on cinema etiquette. You might want to sit down first, for as usual, it's not for the easily offended!

Broken Lizard’s The Slammin’ Salmon DVD review

Matt Edwards Review
May 19, 2010

Broken Lizard head off to work in a restaurant. The result is Slammin' Salmon. And Matt really rather likes it...

Richard Herring interview: Hitler Moustache, How Not To Grow Up and much, much more

Matt Edwards Interview
May 18, 2010

Matt chats to Richard Herring about his new book, his thoughts on comedy autobiographies, his career and a whole lot more...

Confused Views: Letters to Jerry

Matt Edwards News
May 12, 2010

Matt has, er, been trying to make friends with Jerry Bruckheimer. For some reason, Jerry hasn't been back in touch...

Confused Views: Fame

Matt Edwards News
May 5, 2010

Matt Edwards returns with his latest dose of Confused Views, as he ponders the question: what happens when you meet your heroes?

Jennifer’s Body Blu-ray review

Matt Edwards Review
Mar 18, 2010

Megan Fox joins forces with writer Diablo Cody to take the starring role in a movie for the first time. So how does Jennifer's Body fare?

This is It Blu-ray review

Matt Edwards Review
Feb 25, 2010

Matt Edwards does not join the chorus of voices praising the Michael Jackson concert documentary, This Is It...

Confused Views: Empathy for the Devil

Matt Edwards News
Feb 10, 2010

Matt knocks over a few more targets - Uwe Boll and Platinum Dunes included - on his way out of the Confused Views door...

Confused Views: A million inarticulate wastrels

Matt Edwards News
Feb 4, 2010

Matt offers his very personal view on the online world. As usual, it's not for the easily offended...

Rob Zombie Presents The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto

Matt Edwards News
Feb 2, 2010

Ren and Stimpy for horror nerds? Matt warms a lot to Rob Zombie's The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto...

Confused Views: A spineless tearful nincompoop

Matt Edwards News
Jan 20, 2010

Matt made the mistake of watching Sorority Row. Matt has a few things to say about it...

(500) Days of Summer Blu-ray review

Matt Edwards Review
Jan 20, 2010

A romantic comedy that rips up the formula - can 500 Days Of Summer melt Matt Edwards' heart?

Confused Views: Transfarters

Matt Edwards News
Jan 13, 2010

Matt Edwards manages to get himself removed from Michael Bay's Christmas card list for all time...

Confused Views: Avatar Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

Matt Edwards News
Jan 6, 2010

Matt has been to see Avatar. Matt has also been, er, performing 'delicate operations' on himself. It's probably best we let him explain...

Confused Views: A fiery abyss

Matt Edwards News
Dec 16, 2009

X-Factor rules the world, and Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle hasn't got a second series commission as of yet. Matt's off to right some wrongs...

Confused Views: The supermarket chainsaw massacre

Matt Edwards News
Dec 9, 2009

Matt finally caught up with the third season of Dexter. And it's been doing strange things to his daydreams...

Confused Views: Hide and shriek

Matt Edwards News
Dec 2, 2009

Why do studios keep mistreating horror movies? Why did Trick R Treat go straight to DVD? And why is Matt crapping on his food?

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