The Big Questions The Wheel of Time Season 3 Needs to Answer

The Wheel of Time season 2 finale featured many climactic moments, but several questions arose that will need to be answered in season 3.

Lanfear, Rand, Moiraine, and Lan in the Ways in The Wheel of Time
Photo: Jan Thijs / Prime Video

This article contains The Wheel of Time spoilers.

With the understanding that The Wheel of Time is based on a book series that spans a dozen thousand-page-tomes that will take time to cover, there are certain questions posed by the recent season 2 finale that will need to be answered sooner rather than later. After delivering several recognizable character moments from the Robert Jordan novels in a stellar season ender, the bar is now set very high for future touchstone story arcs, and any changes require immediate buy-in from a sometimes fickle fan audience.

In some cases, these unresolved issues involve expectations that readers may have that viewers do not, but the most pressing questions actually come from The Wheel of Time’s own take on character storylines that are either completely new and mysterious or unfinished in some way. Below are only a few of the most crucial details that the show should tackle as soon as possible.

Which of the Forsaken Did Ishamael Release?

In the books there are thirteen Forsaken, the chosen disciples of the Dark One from the Age of Legends. Obviously among these are the two we’ve already met, Ishamael and Lanfear, and both of them have been amazing villains in The Wheel of Time thus far. However, the finale implied that there are six more about to join the battle, based on the seals that Ishamael broke offstage during the course of the finale. So which six were set free?

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Moghedien, with her spider-like weaves, stuck around long enough to taunt Lanfear, but it seems the other five are long gone, off to hatch whatever plans they have in store. The more notable characters from the books include Graendel, whose beauty rivals Lanfear’s, and Asmodeon, who has a big role to play during Rand’s rise to power, but honestly any of the minor Forsaken who worm their way into world politics would be excellent choices. Hopefully, we’ll learn at least half of their identities in The Wheel of Time season 3.

Is There More to Perrin and Mat Than Wolves and a Horn?

We had to wait almost a season and a half to get even an inkling of what Perrin’s beastly powers were all about, and it’s clear that he’s only starting to awaken his potential. We know he has a bond with wolves, and his “beast mode” does impart some super-strength; but surely there’s more to it than that. With Hopper gone, he has much to learn from the other members of the pack about being a wolf-brother, and so do we.

With Mat, things are even more vague. He and Perrin are connected to the Pattern that the Wheel weaves just like Rand, which explains why he utters, “I remember” in The Wheel of Time season 2 finale: he’s connecting with his past incarnations in the moment he blows the Horn of Valere. But is there more to Mat’s power than that? Book readers know that there definitely is, but even casual viewers are likely wanting more of what makes Mat special in season 3.

What Are the Divisions Within the Aes Sedai?

This question works on two different levels, equally compelling for possible storylines in The Wheel of Time season 3. First of all, there’s the question of the hidden Black Ajah, previously thought to be a myth by the Aes Sedai in power. We already know Liandrin is a darkfriend hiding within the Reds, but there most certainly are others. Because people assume Aes Sedai cannot lie, having sisters among them that can is particularly dangerous, and that’s not even accounting for weaves of compulsion and other forbidden practices.

But a division will also no doubt arise from the disagreement between Moiraine and Siuan about how the Dragon Reborn should be handled. Never mind that the Amyrlin wants to have Rand channeling only at her behest; there’s also the entire Red Ajah to deal with. There are many in the White Tower besides the Reds that will not take Rand’s claim to the title at face value. The fight to earn their trust will likely be a big part of The Wheel of Time season 3.

What Untapped Powers Remain for Egwene and Nynaeve?

The gradual growth of Rand al’Thor into his powers has been a central focus for The Wheel of Time, and we’ve seen plenty of what he can do in a logical progression. His fellow Two Rivers channelers, however, have been feast or famine with their powers. It was particularly frustrating to see Nynaeve unable to weave the simplest of healing spells in the finale while Egwene was able to hold back a Forsaken with her defensive shield. This was after seeing their positions quite reversed earlier in the season.

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The Wheel of Time season 3 should definitely allow these two powerful channelers achieve some consistency within their own skill sets. Perhaps we’ll get as far as seeing them choose an Ajah so that they can feel more at home with their specialized channeling. At the very least, though, the pair should hopefully achieve some sort of inner control so that they can start figuring out their place in the Final Battle.

In fact, the same could be said for all of the above entreaties for what to include in The Wheel of Time season 3. It’s not so much that we need to fast forward to when everyone completely understands their powers and can kick anyone’s ass. But a third season should definitely be a good time to show the protagonists settling into their roles with a modicum of skill. Now that we’ve seen the pivotal moments in the finale, those turning points should actually lead somewhere soon.

All eight episodes of The Wheel of Time season 2 are available to stream on Prime Video.