The Bear Season 3 Trailer Features an Unexpected Return

The first full trailer for The Bear season 3 introduces the "non-negotiables" of restaurants...and reintroduces some familiar faces.

“THE BEAR” — SEASON 3 — (Airs Thursday, June 27th) Pictured: (l-r) Ricky Staffieri as Ted Fak, Jeremy Allen White as Carmen “Carly” Berzatto, Matty Matheson as Neil Fak.
Photo: Chuck Hodes | FX

Are we excited for The Bear season 3? Well, to borrow an old ursine hypothetical: does a bear shit in the woods? Look, we’ve been at this a long time and writing intros is getting harder. This is all to say that FX has finally released the full, final trailer for season 3 of its award-winning culinary dramedy The Bear. Please watch the clip now before I attempt any more bear jokes.

It was already anticipated that The Bear season 3 would be a remarkable television viewing experience since its first two seasons were that and then some. But even with those high expectations, this two-minute teaser really delivers. It seems as though The Original Beef of Chicagoland’s transformation into the upscale restaurant “The Bear,” is finally complete.

The season 2 finale depicted The Bear’s opening night gone wrong, but apparently Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) getting locked in that freezer and accidentally breaking up with Claire (Molly Gordon) wasn’t enough to derail the restaurant’s launch. Speaking of Claire, she is the “unexpected return” to which our headline refers.

At the conclusion of season 2, it really did feel as though not bringing back Claire was a legitimate option for The Bear. This is not necessarily because many fans didn’t particularly care for her (fans don’t like most things) but because Carmy seemed fully committed to his insular life of self destruction in sweltering kitchens. Carmy sincerely believed his world had no room for Claire in it so it was natural to assume The Bear didn’t as well. But there Claire is all the same – at her hospital job, being told by Neil Fak (Matty Matheson) that Carmy still loves her.

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This trailer, of course, features many other expected returns. Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) is still wearing suits now and still appears to be flourishing in his role as front-of-house manager. Syd (Ayo Edebiri), bless her, is confronting what it really means to hitch her wagon to the great chef Carmen Berzatto. She wanted to learn from the best and as we see her that means putting pen to paper to sign an actual partnership agreement that they will continue to push each other. Congrats, Syd and Carmy shippers, they’re basically married now.

Even Jon Bernthal continues his three-season streak of portraying Carmy’s brother Mikey from beyond-the-grave. The beginning of this trailer depicts a moment in which Carmy pitches Mikey on his idea for a restaurant. This is undoubtedly a major flashback scene, which means The Bear will be headed back to the past once again like it did in the classic episodes “Ceres” and “Fishes.”

In addition to being a thrilling document that ratchets up the excitement for The Bear season 3’s June 27 premiere, this trailer also introduces us to Carmy’s “non-negotiables” for running a restaurant.

Per Carmy, the perfect spot must have all the following traits:

  • Of the place
  • Less is more
  • Vibrant collaboration
  • No repeat ingredients
  • Consolidation and speed
  • Confidence and compliance
  • In and out service
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Details matter
  • Know your stuff

Now you can start your own restaurant! Just don’t pick The Bear as a name. That one’s taken.

All episodes of The Bear season 3 premiere Thursday, June 27 on Hulu.

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