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In the avalanche of content that we are pleased to present on the front page, it may have escaped the attention of some of DoG’s (very welcome!) new readers that we maintain a complete list of the interviews we have done at Den Of Geek, and which we keep updated.

The page to bookmark is this one, as this is the one that we’ll be keeping fresh as new interviews come up.

In the meantime, find below a snapshot of the current state of our interview roster at Geek central. If there’s no-one in this little lot that interests you, you may be at the wrong site…

Stephen King The master of horror talks about blood, flesh and the devil in an interview that took some years to see the light of day.

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Dan O’Bannon The creator of Alien and the creative force behind Total Recall, Return Of The Living Dead, Blue Thunder, Screamers and many others is outspoken on many subjects in a long interview….

Joe Dante He made Gremlins. He turned down Airplane. He’s the legend behind The Howling, Piranha and so many more. We’re proud as punch to talk to Mr Joe Dante….

Dario Argento Italian horror legend Dario Argento has a quick chat with DoG about concluding the Three Mothers trilogy, Edgar Allen Poe and censors…

Darren Lynn Bouseman The director of Saw 2/3/4 talks to DoG about his offbeat sci-fi musical, the Saw films, and where torture-porn is going next.

Lloyd Kaufman The president of Troma Entertainment, chairman of the Independent Film and Television Alliance, and creator of such films as The Toxic Avenger and Poultrygeist talks politcs with Sarah.

Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary (BEOWULF) The writers and producers of hit CGI epic Beowulf chat to Sarah about the long history of the project.

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Steve Starkey (BEOWULF)Beowulf producer Steve Starkey talks about the innovative Zemeckis project.

Leslie NielsonPolice Squad. Airplane. Forbidden Planet. The Poseidon Adventure. And now, Den of Geek. Ladies and gentlemen, Leslie Nielsen…

Robert PatrickTerminator 2‘s T1000 talks The X-Files, Sarah Connor Chronicles, T4, The Sopranos and a whole lot more…

Ira Newborn He’s scored movies by John Hughes, John Landis and Kevin Smith. He’s the man behind the music from Police Squad! And now, Ira Newborn is talking to us…

Michael Radford Michael Radford talks about trying to cast Sean Connery in Nineteen-eighty-four, worries over Richard Burton, Il Postino, and why he won’t be working with Harvey Weinstein ever again…

Vangelis You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that the ultra-reclusive Greek composer has gone on-the-record about his classic Blade Runner soundtrack. Here’s finger number five!

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Stellan Skarsgård Hollywood’s favourite Swedish actor talks to Den of Geek about Waz, The Exorcist prequels, Mamma Mia, and strange comments on the IMDB.

Zach Galligan The Gremlins star talks about belching gremlins, the Oscars, Cloverfield and There Will Be Blood

Andy SerkisLord Of The Rings and King Kong actor Andy Serkis is part of the all-star voice cast of The Brightonomicon. At its launch, we caught up with the man who’s about to take his first steps on the Tintin films…

Uwe Boll Wow, Sarah is actually in Uwe Boll’s Postal! Here she takes her director aside for a chat about beating up his critics in a boxing ring and making horror movies with a message – to the surprise of his detractors.

Black Sheep: Jonathan King Director of semi-spoof New Zealand horror flick Jonathan King has a chat with Sarah.

Adam Britton Want a crocodile in your movie? Then you need to call Adam Britton. That’s what the makers of Black Water did…

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Ornella Muti She captivated a generation of male viewers as Princess Aura in 1980’s Flash Gordon. She’s the most glamorous grandmother you’ve ever seen, and she spares us a few insights into the making of her most popular film here.

Erin Gray As the Spandex-clad, authoritative-but-sexy Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (US TV, 79-81), Erin Gray dropped the jaws of many an adolescent boy (and his dad). She talks to DoG about Buck, inspiring young women, her start in showbusiness and that costume…

Caroline Munro The Lambs Navy poster girl of the 70s and 80s, and the star of many sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies such as Dracula AD:1972, The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad and Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter talks to Simon and Martin at Memorabilia 2007.

Margaret Nolan The Bond girl and Carry On star breaks nearly thirty years of silence to talk frankly about the vagaries of life as a sex-symbol and the hard truth behind the jollity of the Carry On films.

Leslie Philips Smooth, silky and with a career that finds him going from strength to strength, Simon is just about worthy to interview the great Leslie Philips.

Dee Wallace Besieged by werewolves in The Howling, cannibal mountain-men in The Hills Have Eyes, silly aliens in Critters and cute aliens in E.T., Dee Wallace has more than earned her stripes in cult movies.

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Richard Morrison The man who designed titles for Sweeney Todd, the original Tim Burton Batman film, for Terry Gilliam, David Lean and many others.

Giles AldersonNight Junkies actor Giles Alderson talks to Sarah about indie horror films and I Want Candy, among others.

Tom Shankland (WAZ) The director of horror-thriller Waz talks about Stellan Skarsgård, torture and altruism.

Paddy Breathnach (SHROOMS) The director of drug-addled horror movie Shrooms talks about the project and about Irish horror films – or why there are so few of them.

Kit Ryan Kit Ryan talks about Botched, which features a barrel-load of bad luck and a very peculiar rat…

Michael Staininger talks about new ‘Ligeia’ A new adaptation of Poe’s ‘Ligeia’, with Wes Bentley and Michael Madsen, is now in post-production. DoG chats to the director…

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Peter DavisonThe fifth Doctor Who, Peter Davison, talks exclusively to Geek about wobbly sets, Time Crash, type-casting and his opinion on the crappiest Who monster ever.

Elizabeth Sladen Possibly the most revered -certainly the most in-demand- of the Doctor Who assistants, Elizabeth Sladen talks about malfunctioning robot dogs, dodgy fan mail and corsets.

Louise Jameson Doctor Who’s Leela, Louise Jameson, talks to Martin about conventions, Tom Baker, Mary Whitehouse and The Omega Factor.

Sophie Aldred Sophie Aldred talks to Den of Geek about Ace, Doctor Who, John Nathan Turner and hairy armpits…

Nick Briggs The voice of the Daleks speaks -surprisingly politely and without any threats of extermination- to DoG about bringing life to the UK’s favourite scary villain.

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Graham Linehan The writer behind Father Ted, Black Books, Ted & Ralph and The IT Crowd uses a Den Of Geek interview as a deplorable excuse to avoid getting on with his next script…

Katee Sackhoff With the fourth and final season of Galactica airing in the US next Friday, Starbuck actor Katee Sackhoff engages a gaggle of journalists -including Martin – for a long chat…

Amanda Tapping As the Ark Of Truth hits DVD, Stargate superstar Amanda Tapping – aka Samantha Carter – spares some time for a chat…

Colin Salmon Billed as a future James Bond, Doctor Who guest-star Colin Salmon – who appeared in a central role in Resident Evil – is slated to appear in the next Punisher movie.

Stephen Greif on Blake’s 7 With Sky One set to remake Dalek creator Terry Nation’s Blake’s 7, DoG chats with the original actor behind leather-clad villain Travis…

Annabel JankelMax Headroom co-creator Annabel Jankel talks us through the conceptualisation of the character…

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William Morgan Sheppard Fresh off the set of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, the most ubiquitous genre actor since John Carradine talks about his work in Max Headroom, Transformers, The Prestige and more…

Richard Gibson Yes, it’s Herr Flick from ‘ello ‘ello!

Sally James The former Tiswas presenter is fondly remembered by a generation of kids – and dads!

Jonathan Lynn From On The Buses to Yes. Minister and Yes, Prime Minister via Clue, Jonathan Lynn says yes to a chat with DoG.

Keith Chegwin Cheggars! He talks about miscreant kids at the live Swap Shop transmissions, getting naked for a quiz show and much more in this hilarious chat with Simon.

Marcus Brigstocke Marcus Brigstocke talks about his new Planet Corduroy DVD, Have I Got News For You, working with Kevin Spacey, and the battered chips of Bromsgrove.

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Lee McDonald He captivated the youth of the nation as Zammo Maguire in Grange Hill. And now he’s talking to Den Of Geek.

Pat Sharpe Simon tracked down Pat Sharp, the legendary host of Fun House, for a quick chat about life, the universe, and mullets…


Thor: Marko DjurdjevicMarko Djurdjevic is best known for his Marvel cover work – it’s his job to induce you to buy comics – but as David discovers, he’s also a thoroughly nice bloke. Yay!

Steve Niles He’s the man behind 30 Days Of Night. He’s writing stories set in Gotham City. And he’s spared some time for a chat….


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Jay Aston (Bucks Fizz) From the skirt-ripping to the coach crash, original Bucks Fizz member Jay Aston discusses the days of the group, the disagreements and being the subject of a gay musical!